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When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine?

A woman holding a tiny heart-shaped balloon with a glass of wine in front of her
Knowing when to ask someone to be your Valentine can be challenging.

Are the streets and stores filled with heart-shaped balloons and decorations? Can you smell the scent of flower bouquets in the air? Do you see displays of sweets and chocolates everywhere? If so, then you know it’s the annual celebration of love again.

Valentine’s Day is coming!

In Colombia, people celebrate Valentine’s Day far from its usual celebration date, which is February 14th. Although they celebrate pretty much the same way they do in the U.S., like having dinner at a romantic restaurant or giving out Valentine’s Day presents, Valentine’s Day in Colombia is traditionally held on the third weekend of September.

Día de Amor y Amistad, translated as the day of love and friendship, fell on September 17th in the year 2022 and is expected on September 16th the following year. Since September has the least celebrations and activities in Colombia, it was decided that Valentine’s Day celebrations should be in the said month. This also gives merchants and businesses more opportunities to sell flowers and chocolates.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in Colombia but don’t have a date yet, you should know the right time to ask someone out.

So, when do you ask someone to be your Valentine? Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

“When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine?” – What Does This Question Mean?

Before we get to the exciting part, let’s try to put things into context first.

Are you asking this question because you’re concerned about the timing? Or are you asking this question because you’re looking for signs to know if someone is fit to be your Valentine?

These things can get confusing, especially when you’re dealing with cultural differences.

But the good news is that having the right amount of preparation can help you achieve the best results.

First of all, you should know what it is you want.

Are you asking someone to be your Valentine to make things official with them? Or are you simply looking for someone to spend the night with on Valentine’s Day?

This therefore begs the question, when do you ask someone to be your Valentine?

  • Should I ask on the day or earlier?

    A man and woman celebrating valentine’s day in Colombia
    Don’t put pressure on your date by asking her at the last minute.

    In Colombia, you can see Valentine’s Day decorations everywhere weeks before the actual day. Like most countries, this romantic holiday is highly commercialized in Colombia, so it’s good for businesses to start decorating early.

    That being said, if you’re serious about asking someone to go out with you on Valentine’s Day, it’s best to ask them days or a week before. This will give you enough time to make a reservation at a restaurant (as it can get super busy), prepare Valentine’s gifts, or choose what to wear on your date.

    Besides, you don’t want to put pressure on them by asking at the last minute.

  • Should I be the one to ask?

    While most Colombian women are open and assertive, it’s best to take charge and initiate asking one out on a date. The impression this leaves is that you’re someone who’s serious and interested. But most of all, you want to ask her before someone else does, right?

    This is an opportunity to show your interest, that you see her as a potential romantic partner. People don’t like to expect or assume anything special since it usually leads to heartache or disappointment.

    When you initiate a date on Valentine’s Day, this will send the message that she’s someone special to you, and what you have can lead to something more.

  • I’m not sure if she’s into me.

    Fear of rejection is pretty normal, and it happens to almost everybody.

    You might notice a few hints and some nice gestures, but you don’t want to end up getting the wrong idea. You doubt whether she likes you or not. The solution to that dilemma is pretty simple – just ask her out! You won’t know if you don’t try.

    While this is easier said than done, you can take a few baby steps until you muster up the courage to finally ask her out. You can send a text message or a card with cute and punchy pickup lines. Observe her reaction and use it to give you motivation.

    Asking her out and not knowing whether she likes you or not can be daunting. But one way or another, you’ll have to do something about it. You don’t want to miss a chance with her just because you chickened out.

  • Should I go for romantic surprises?

    A close up photo of someone holding up a Happy Valentine’s topper with chocolates and heart-shaped stationery
    When do you ask someone to be your Valentine? Be guided with our list of questions.

    Romantic surprises are common on Valentine’s Day in Colombia. This norm can add to the confusion as to when to ask someone to be your Valentine.

    You want to set things up secretly for a surprise, but at the same time, you don’t want your plans to overlap.

    If you’re officially dating someone, maybe a surprise can work. But if you’re single and still in the stage of getting to know someone, then it’s probably best to ask them beforehand.

    You don’t want to assume that they’re expecting a date invitation on Valentine’s Day. Just to be safe, ask earlier.

    While this can be applied in most cases, you can also follow your gut feeling. After all, you know the situation better than anyone.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Colombia with a Special Someone

When do you ask someone to be your Valentine? Before or after you make plans? What if all the restaurants are booked by the time you’re ready to make a reservation?

These are all legitimate questions that people ask themselves as Valentine’s Day approaches.

As mentioned, Colombian Valentine’s Day is pretty much the same as Valentine’s Day celebrations in other countries, except for the date. So if you find yourself having trouble making plans for your date, here is a list of ideas on how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in Colombia.

  • A romantic dinner in Medellin

    Why not drive to the city and book a romantic dinner with your date on Valentine’s Day?

    Many restaurants in Medellin suit the occasion. You have more than a few options for a romantic evening with good food and wine. Because Medellin is known for its abundance of flowers and lush greenery, most restaurants have an ambiance that won’t disappoint.

    You can also opt for restaurants that offer you elegance and exclusivity. You want to make your date feel special, so going the extra mile is always worth it.

  • Going on a day trip adventure

    If you and your date are the adventurous type, then you should plan your day trip adventure in advance.

    Valentine’s Day in Colombia is always celebrated on the weekend, so bear in mind that it can get super crowded anywhere you go.

    Would you want to go mountain climbing and set up a picnic date at the mountain peak? Or go for something even more extreme like parasailing or bungee jumping? The sky’s the limit for your options!

  • Preparing a meal for your special someone

    If you don’t like going out on this busy occasion, you can prepare a meal and invite your special someone over to your place. You can try making Colombian cuisine, or go for something you’ve already specialized in and mastered.

    Set up a table with wine, candles, and rose petals. Put on some music and you’re sure to beat the ambiance of a Medellin restaurant.

    Women appreciate effort, and you’ll definitely see how much this would mean to your date.

  • Cooking for family and friends

    If there’s one thing Colombians are highly known for aside from their love for dancing, it’s how much they value family and friends.

    If you’re single and thinking of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Colombian woman, consider cooking for her family and friends. While Valentine’s Day is an excuse for a lot of people to eat sweets and chocolates, cooking a meal for the special people in a Colombian woman’s life is one of the best ways to show her how dedicated you are to pursuing a relationship with her.

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving and receiving love from these people.

  • A secret friend

    In Colombia, they have a tradition wherein a group of friends, lovers, or acquaintances play “secret friend.”

    Participants draw a piece of paper with the name of a person they will be giving gifts to on Valentine’s Day. This is similar to what people do during Christmas, and it can get even more interesting when you decide on a theme or budget.

Will You Be My Valentine?

With all these helpful tips and ideas, it’s time to put your theory into action.

Now, when do you ask someone to be your Valentine?

After giving it some thought and consideration, you should be able to come up with a satisfying answer. But if you’re still troubled with doubts while everyone else is feeling the hype and excitement, remember that only you can figure out if someone is worth pursuing.

Asking someone to be your Valentine might sound cheesy, but to most women in Colombia, it’s a romantic gesture that will leave a lasting impression.

Remember that in their country, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. It’s a meaningful occasion for them, so this will definitely help you get in the mood for celebrating the holiday.

All things considered, wouldn’t you want to have a great memory about this special day with your significant other?

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