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A photo of two lovely ladies enjoying our Socials event. provides foreign men with convenient and reliable ways to connect and date beautiful women in Medellin, Colombia.

Since you’re here, we are certain that you’re either wanting to experience dating a Colombian woman, or you’re planning to find the perfect woman from Colombia to marry. Welcome to, where we aim to introduce men to beautiful women in Medellin, Colombia, in hopes of making their romantic dreams a reality.

Medellin Singles is one of the world’s largest and most sought-after online dating services that offer unlimited introductions and tours. Established in 1995, we were one of the pioneers in international matchmaking and have since grown to become one of the most respectable and trustworthy matchmaking service providers in the industry.

We’re not only the very first and the largest in the industry but also one of the best dating sites in the world!

We offer guided tours to Medellin, Colombia, where you get to experience the city’s beauty and its women. We are a hands-on company, which means we have teams of professionals and matchmaking experts working with you on your journey to finding a Colombian wife — your Medellin single.


In your search for a suitable and loving wife, you might have already experienced other dating services. While we have the same goal as other matchmaking companies—providing you with a means to match with Colombian women—we stand out because of our dedication and sincerity in helping you find the one.

You will find that we are unlike any other dating and matchmaking company out there. We offer services you won’t find anywhere else. Take your dating game to the next level with Medellin Singles today, and experience the convenience and satisfaction guarantee of our services.

Reasons to Choose Us

Worldwide Reach. We are part of a large international matchmaking service provider with hundreds of offices around the world. While our main headquarters is in the United States, we have physical offices in different countries, including Medellin, Colombia, to ensure you’ll meet genuine ladies who are looking for a foreign husband. We go over and beyond because your safety and satisfaction are our utmost priority.

Years of Service. Since 1995, we have provided men with the best and most comprehensive online dating and matchmaking services. We have the experience and expertise to ensure you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

Comprehensive Services. We offer a complete dating experience from start to finish. Whether you prefer browsing beautiful women’s profiles and talking to them online or traveling to Medellin to get up close and personal with the woman of your dreams, we’ve got you covered!

Professional Team of Matchmakers. We are not just your run-of-the-mill dating company; we are experts in the field and offer professional matchmaking services so you will get the most out of your dating experience. We have matchmakers, translators, and friendly staff on the ground to ensure you are pampered and well-taken care of when you join our tours.

Real, Beautiful Women. Every gorgeous Medellin single on our profile is guaranteed to be real and looking for a man like you. We perform extensive and thorough background checks to ensure both your and the women’s safety. Unlike other dating apps and matchmaking services where other users can scam or deceive you, we have safety measures in place to prevent that from happening to you, such as hand-picking the best women for your perusal.

Safe and Secure. As we are headquartered in the United States, we are governed by the provisions of IMBRA (International Marriage Brokerage Regulating Act), which aims to protect both men and women that are looking to marry foreign partners. Under IMBRA, both parties are given background checks, and should one or both fail the check, any marriage-based VISA applications will be rejected. Rejection is based on several factors, including a history of abuse, violence, and other criminal acts.

A team from Medellin Singles carefully screens men for tours and other services.
Our expert matchmakers and dedicated staff ensure that the women featured on are real, sincere singles looking for a long-term relationship. Is a Renowned Matchmaking Service Provider

Medellin Singles is the product of endless hours of research, three decades of hard work, a multitude of talented people, and a vision of a dating service that can facilitate users from all over the world in meeting each other for fun, friendship, and marriage.

We are proudly responsible for hundreds of successful international marriages each year! In fact, the founding partners, as well as many of our staff, have met and married beautiful foreign brides through the services we have developed.

Our network and services are no stranger to the media either, garnering worldwide media attention and renown more than any other company in the dating industry. We have been featured on 60 Minutes, Inside Edition, The Today Show, Nightline, Dr. Phil, WE TV, National Geographic (Bachelors Abroad), The Maury Povich Show, The X-Show, as well as News on all major networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, A&E, and BBC.

We have also been featured in print media. Samples of stories about our services have been featured in TIME Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Maxim, Penthouse, Marie Claire, Saturday Night Magazine, St. Petersburg Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Arizona Republic, and The Sacramento Bee, to name a few.

Additionally, we have been the subject of numerous documentaries, including one on Netflix, as well as the full feature film “Two Brothers and a Bride.”

We are Your Trusted International Matchmakers

We sincerely believe that the most important factor in this service-oriented business is TRUST. The men and women who submit their names, personal information, and photos trust us to protect and display them responsibly. We understand our responsibilities to our clients and we aim to gain your confidence as you use and become more familiar with our system.

Our infrastructure and customer service are unmatched in the industry, and it is far from a fully automated and mindless machine that is simply spitting data back and forth. We have hundreds of live matchmakers worldwide working to support thousands of clients. Our customer service is fast and reliable, so you can contact us anytime during business hours for concerns and inquiries about our services.

Experience the Beauty of Medellin and its Women with Our Tour Services

One of the most popular services that we offer is our tours. Whether you choose to join as an individual or group, you have absolute control over how you wish to experience this opportunity of a lifetime. You can meet beautiful ladies in Medellin through our singles vacation tours, or enjoy a fun and exciting dating event with hundreds of ladies with our Socials.

A photo of a foreign man and his Colombian date enjoying a tour.
The wonder of Medellin’s scenic spots is best shared with a lovely Colombian lady. Make romantic memories together that will last forever.

Tour Services

  • Medellin Singles Tours
  • Our Medellin Singles Tours offers unlimited personal introductions—that means you can meet and date as many single ladies as you wish! Our local staff will take care of everything for you, so all you really need to do is bring your best dating game.

    With our Singles Tours, you will enjoy luxurious hotel accommodation, complimentary breakfast, and a convenient airport pick-up service. There’s no need to worry about airport transfers because we’ve got you covered the moment you sign up for our tours.

    We’ll take you and your chosen date on a tour of the city to visit its historic and famous spots. We provide convenient transportation services as part of the tour package.

    On top of that, you’ll get to join our Socials event where you can get the chance to dance, dine, talk, and interact with hundreds of beautiful women. You will receive two invitations to our Socials event.

  • Individual Club Tours to Medellin
  • Our Individual Club Tours are for those who prefer the more intimate part of dating. Our bilingual staff members will perform up to three one-on-one introductions per day at our local office in your city of choice. After a short introduction, you can conclude the interview or continue your one-on-one introduction with the woman you like in a more casual setting, such as a restaurant or coffee shop.

    We will recommend several locations in the vicinity, and the final choice is all up to you. The casual and intimate setting will provide an atmosphere where you and your date can feel relaxed to help enhance communication. Translators are available for additional fees, if necessary.

    One-on-one introductions range from 7, 10, or 14 days. You will have access to the AFA Women’s Catalog. You can stop by our local office during business hours to browse through the pages of our catalog where you will find photos and profile descriptions of beautiful ladies.

    As a club member, you will get exclusive access to our new women applicant profiles. You will have first choice and daily access to the new applicant profiles as they arrive in our office.

  • Socials Events
  • When you take advantage of our tour packages, you will be invited to join one or more of our Socials events. These events give you the opportunity to sit down with hundreds of lovely women and get to know them better.

    Imagine a blind date and a rave party combined. Share a drink or two, chat it up, or hit the dance floor as you show your moves to sweep her off her feet. Our Socials events are a must-go, and you are invited!

A photo of beautiful Medellin singles smiling as they take part in our Socials.
Medellin is known for its beautiful spots and women. Get to know these lovely ladies personally through our dating services.

Your Medellin Single Awaits You!

If you are not having much luck with local women in your area, try your luck with beautiful singles from Medellin. Hundreds of these lovely ladies are looking for their lifetime partners, and you might be one of the lucky men who’ll find love in the beautiful city of Medellin.

Traveling and getting a shot at genuine romance might sound too good to be true, but that’s what you’ll get with Medellin Singles. So if you love traveling, adventure, and romance, you’ll find that we have all three rolled into one exciting package.

Women in Medellin, Colombia, are without a doubt some of the most desired women for long-term relationships and marriage. These women possess the qualities men find appealing in a partner. The best part is, they’re looking for love and marriage just like you!

Why Register Today?

By registering for an account, you’ll have access to thousands of Colombian women’s profiles. Start your romantic journey with us today.

No hassle, No obligations. Get most of the benefits without paying a dime. Registration is absolutely FREE! There are No Obligations, and No Credit Card is required to sign up.

Full access to our women’s profiles. Don’t miss out on thousands of women’s profiles. Gain full access to all our profiles, photos, videos, and other features.

Personalized control. You have full control of your account. From filters to your preferred mode of communication, everything at your fingertips is customizable.

Top-notch customer service. Our professional matchmakers are at your service. You can give us a call anytime during business hours for any concerns or inquiries about our service.

With so many choices for online dating nowadays, users have the freedom to choose the service provider that suits their preferences. So if you want a convenient matchmaking service that is secure, reputable, and tested through time, you are in the right place.

Start your romantic journey with Medellin Singles, and take advantage of our more than two decades of matchmaking experience. Our dating services and Singles Tours will surely be the ticket to finding the right Colombian wife for you.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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