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Medellin Dating Culture - Medellin Singles

Colombian woman strikes a pose for a photo shoot.
Winning Medellin women over means understanding their dating culture. Are you up for the challenge?

Why do men choose to date outside of their culture? Many Western men choose to seek partners overseas for several reasons. One is to find their ideal woman. Another because dating overseas can give you thrills every adventure seeker can only hope for.

There are three major factors at play in dating internationally: the distance, the time zone, and the culture. That last factor greatly determines how the local ladies deal with romantic relationships. Western men, please take notes!

Colombian dating culture is a different ballgame from what you’re probably used to back home. If you want to make a local Colombian lady yours, you should understand how her culture works and influences her decisions in the romantic department.

Understanding Colombia Dating Culture through Medellin Women

Before we share tips on dating in Colombia, how about we discuss the women themselves? Let’s go over how Medellin girls think and love to paint a clearer picture.

Family matters for life

It’s a known fact that Colombians are big on family. Even when kids move on and live independently, they keep their parents and relatives in the loop.

What about when she needs to make life-changing decisions? You can bet that family members will make their influence known by speaking their minds. See the Disney hit Encanto, for example, which is set in Colombia. Abuela Alba calls the shots in the Madrigal family, going as far as to strongly encourage one of her granddaughters to marry a specific man.

So, should you tread the path of dating Colombian women, brace yourself for family involvement. Get in their good graces! Their approval and acceptance won’t just mean a lot to you and your future partner, it may just be a requirement for you to marry.

Warmth extends to everyone

Medellin’s known for its pleasant weather all year round. No wonder many tourists flock to this Colombian city!

Colombian woman smiling for the camera.
A Colombian woman is as radiant as the sunshine in the city. Get her smiling by bringing your dating A-game!

If you think the weather is warm, wait until you meet the people.

Colombian men and women are friendly and welcoming. If you’re used to poker-faced ladies on Western dates, Colombian women have this warmth to them that draws people in.

Dates usually have two people in the picture. When in Colombia, expect the opposite. Should a lady agree to be taken out on a date, expect her to bring a friend, cousin, aunt, or sister along. Why the chaperones, you ask? They tag someone else along for safety reasons. If you have an issue with that, just give your match a head’s up and assure her that she’s safe with you.

They don’t take the first shot

Colombian dating etiquette is a conservative playbook. Does that mean that they’re meek? Not necessarily. Colombian women are confident and self-assured folks who know what they want and how they’ll get it.

However, you’re the man. The ball lands in your court and women expect you to strike first. With that, muster your courage and make the first move!

Hookups and casual dates are not on the menu

Hookup culture and casual dating aren’t on most Colombian women’s agenda. While they don’t mind the occasional fun dates, they want men who aren’t afraid of commitment and long-term relationships.

If you’re up for it, give your match a traditional Colombian courtship! Not only does this show her how serious you are, but that your respect for Colombian culture is genuine.

Getting to know someone is a small part of the equation, yes. However, understanding what and who they are helps a ton in winning their hearts.

Why Dating Colombian Women Is Worth It

Colombian ladies take pride in their appearance, and it shows. Healthy living and regular exercise are part of their daily routine, and they always make sure to look put together through great grooming and dressing.

Medellin woman laughs while being photographed.
A Medellin woman is stunning yes? Good news: her beauty is beyond skin deep.

There’s more to Colombian women than their stunning faces. These down-to-earth ladies aren’t shy about showing their affectionate sides — just without the public displays of affection (PDA), as it’s highly discouraged.

But if you’re looking for a ride-or-die life partner, Colombian women tick that box. They will stick around through the good, bad, and ugly unconditionally. Their natural maternal instincts make them great wives, upping their attractiveness.

Dating Colombian women is a decision you won’t regret. These ladies are highly sought-after for a reason!

How to Embrace Colombian Dating Culture

You don’t want to just avoid culture shock. You want to understand her to her very core. Here are a few pointers to follow:

Do your research

In an age where there is often too much information floating around the Internet, narrowing down your research becomes more important. Brush up on Colombian culture by reading information from verified sources. Not only will you understand unique dynamics, but you’ll gain perspective too.

Learn the language

Did you know that 37 major languages are spoken in Colombia? Pretty neat, yes? Fortunately for you, English is among them. Despite that number, Spanish is the country’s official language.

Before you hop on classes, here’s something you should know: locals speak a different variant. Colombian Spanish stands out amongst Spanish-speaking nations because of its unique attributes.

Even Colombia has different splinters of Spanish in its regions. Medellin has its variation of Spanish, which locals usually speak slowly. Picking up a few phrases is pretty useful, especially if you’re in the city for a while.

When in doubt, ask questions

Got any clarifications? Just ask your match questions, and she’ll be glad to answer them for you. Make sure your questions are appropriate, okay?

General Colombian Dating Etiquette

Sparks may be flying, but that shouldn’t mean leaving your manners at the door. Don’t forget to abide by these dating commandments:

Be in the moment

Active listening is a must during dates. Ask questions and give thoughtful responses to show interest.

Client strikes up a conversation with a local woman.
Have a blast dating Colombian women by embracing the moment!

Don’t flake out on promises

Be a dependable date and work to build her trust. If you promised her a good and safe time, stick to your word. That makes trust-building much easier.

Have a healthy dose of confidence

Healthy confidence makes a man extra attractive. While having an extra pep in your step, don’t teeter your toes into arrogance.

Above all else, be a gentleman

Respect will never go out of style. It fosters comfort and positivity in an otherwise tense environment.

When Dating in Colombia, Give These Ideas a Try

After doing your homework on Colombian dating, here are our fun date suggestions:

Go dancing

Get down on the dancefloor with your Colombian lady! They love dancing and they’d be glad to boogie with you. Take a salsa class or hit the club to get your groove on!

Explore hidden charms

Got an unexplored spot you want to visit? Learn something new and quench your thirst for adventure.

Have coffee together at a plantation

You shouldn’t leave Colombia without trying their coffee. Head down to a scenic coffee plantation and have a cup of joe together!

Catch the sunrise

They say early birds catch the worm. Start your morning on a good note by watching the sunrise together.

Visit local museums

Medellin’s thriving art scene is something you shouldn’t miss. Check out the city’s museums and feast your eyes on creative galleries.

Unleash your inner Iron Chef

Got a local recipe you want to try? Put on your chef’s hat and cook up a storm in the kitchen together!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024
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