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Medellin Brides As Perfect Brides

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Getting married is one of the most important events in one’s life. Men and women undergo dating, sometimes a painful one, in order to find the perfect lifetime partner. However, it becomes so much harder for most men to find that particular woman to tie the knot and start a family with.

Women in Colombia are some of the most sought after brides in the world. They are not just beautiful, but marriage minded too. Not just that, they are also fun to be with, passionate, and very caring. These women are sincerely looking for someone, who is mature enough to commit to a serious and long-term relationship. If you think you are that kind of man, then you must find yourself a Colombian wife today.

Fascinating Traits of Medellin Singles

There are many qualities of Colombian women that most foreign men admire. If you are interested in dating Medellin women, know these fascinating traits of them.

  • Colombian brides are naturally beautiful from inside out.
  • Women in Colombia are famous for their beauties. Their tanned skin and contagious smiles have placed them in the spotlight. Because of that, they captured men’s eyes and hearts. They take good care of their body and health by maintaining regular exercise and having a healthy diet.

  • Colombian brides are family-oriented in nature.
  • Guess it’s no longer a mystery to you that these women are very family-centered. Their strong family bond is incredible. These women always consider their family’s opinions even in their personal decisions. They always put their family in the center, as their most important and first priority in life. Thus, you can expect a Colombian bride to dedicate herself to her future family.

  • Colombian brides are strongly religious.
  • Colombian women are religious by heart. They hold on to their family’s morals and values that were taught to them since time immemorial. With that being said, you will know that such characteristics will be passed on to her future children. Surely, she will bring up and nurture her kids the way her parents did to her.

  • Colombian brides are affectionate toward their loved ones.
  • Behind these women’s strong personality lies their affectionate and sweet character. They make friends easily because they are easy-going and friendly. She truly cares for her family and friends. When you start dating a woman from Colombia, you will know how true these are.

Colombian Brides vs Western Brides

There are some glaring reasons why lovely women in Medellin, Colombia make the best brides in the whole world. Here are a few:

Compared to typical western brides who mostly fear commitment and marriage, women from Medellin are eager and earnest to be married with the one they love. They seek a man who is capable of loving them the same way they will. With their religiosity, you can expect that divorce will never be an option for these women. You can expect them to try all their might just to keep her family intact.

Also, these women won’t care about having simple weddings. As long as they get to marry the man of their dreams, then it will be fine. They don’t expect an extravagant wedding just to have something to boast about. Simple and intimate celebration with their family and a few trusted friends is more than enough.

These women have simple preferences as well when it comes to the man they want to cherish life with. They are interested in marrying foreign men, however, they are not after physique nor social status. What they only want is genuine love from a man. Your looks and age won’t definitely matter because they believe that one’s inner beauty is all.

Colombian Women Wedding Traditions

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After knowing the reasons why Medellin women are some of the best brides across the globe, it’s time to learn some Colombian wedding etiquette and traditions. These are what you are going to experience when you decide to marry a Colombiana.

  • Most Colombian wedding doesn’t usually have groomsmen or bridesmaids. Instead, they have a godfather and godmother whose role is to look after the couple throughout their marriage.
  • Before officially tying the knot, the groom must first ask permission to his future bride’s parents. If they agree, you as a groom must offer a serenade to your future bride.
  • Weddings in Colombia are usually full of flower decorations, even at the reception. During the wedding, your bride will wear a veil designed with beautiful flowers which symbolizes her purity.
  • There’s also a Las Arras ceremony by which the couple is given 13 gold coins. The 13 gold coins symbolize Jesus and his disciples. Then, you and your bride will have an exchanging of the 13 gold coins to denote that everything one owns will be shared by the other for the rest of your lives (what’s mine is yours).
  • At the reception, Colombian people usually have unique and fun games. They have a candle ceremony where the couple lights their own candles and blow it. This is to symbolize that you and your bride will be in one body for the rest of your lives.
  • Colombian marriage customs include belt and shoe tradition which anyone finds so amusing. For the belt tradition, all men in the reception will take off their belts, and the one with the biggest belt wins. It’s some sort of a sign for masculinity.
  • All the single men in the reception will be asked to put their shoes under your bride’s dress. The bride, then, will choose a shoe randomly. The owner of the chosen shoe will be the next to get married. This is just like the garter tradition. Afterward, drinking and dancing will follow.

Colombian people still value traditional practices up until today. These will be some of their wedding traditions that you will encounter when you marry a Colombiana. So, register today and grab the chance to meet these women in person to finally put an end to your waiting!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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