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5 Reasons Marriage Brings Happiness to a Man’s Life

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There are many reasons to encourage you that marriage brings happiness in your life.

Are married people happier? Countless studies say yes. Married people are happier than those who are not married, including people who have never married. And contrary to societal assertion, marriage appears to make a man happier than a woman.

Unfortunately, with the unspoken war between the two sexes in the current dating scene, some people have seemed to disregard the idea of marriage completely. But of course, we know better than to believe society’s generalizations. We know that marriage is good and can cause more benefits than bad, especially for men.

If you are one of the non-believers in the benefits of marriage, then you might be having second thoughts about tying the knot. But, fret not as we guide you through this article and give you five reasons marriage brings happiness to a man’s life and why you should start looking for a wife today.

Marriage will make you richer.

It’s common advice among men not to get married so that they can protect what they have, and that marriage is no other than just a financial burden. However, a number of studies indicate that marriage, particularly for males, can be a fruitful partnership; some even claim that it can increase a man’s income.

Did we say that it will make you richer? Because it definitely will. In addition to having an advantage over single people in terms of earning more money, one of the many benefits of marriage financially is that married people often learn valuable financial management skills that can help them generate more wealth as a couple.

It turns out that the longer you are married, the more assets you will accumulate as well. In one research, couples who remained married over a five-year period saw their assets rise twice as quickly as those who remained single.

Marriage provides many health advantages.

Men who are married live healthier and longer. In late middle age, marriage’s influence becomes very clear. An unusually huge “marriage gap” in lifespan was discovered in research that examined mortality differences in a very large, US representative sample. Nine out of ten married men who are alive at age 48 will live to age 65, compared to just six out of ten unmarried men.

To further the case about the health benefits of marriage, married sick people outlive their single counterparts. For instance, having a spouse decreases a cancer patient’s probability of passing away from the disease. According to a recent Harvard research, even being married lowers a patient’s risk of passing away in the hospital. Immune systems of happily married couples perform better, according to researchers who have tested this in the lab. It can also be noted that even years after the divorce, immune function is so much poorer in divorced individuals.

With this benefit in mind, you can only fully gain from this advantage if you marry a woman who genuinely cares for you and will think about your well-being first and foremost. All you need to do now is find her.

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Married men are more sexually satisfied.

It’s a given thing; married people are more likely to have a sex life. In comparison to married persons, unmarried men and women are 20 times more likely to have had no sex at all in a year.

Married people are also more likely to report having a sex life that is really gratifying. For instance, married women are almost twice as likely to experience very pleasurable sex on both a physical and emotional level than divorced and never-married women. Also, contrary to common belief, having a wife does not diminish a man’s sex drive as 50% of husbands, compared to 39% of cohabiting males, believe that having sex with their wife is much more satisfying.

A man kissing a woman’s forehead while in bed together
Marriage brings happiness due to its physical, mental, and emotional benefits in a person’s life.

Marriage is linked to better mental well-being.

Marriage is good for your mental health. Married men and women are less depressed, less anxious, and less psychologically distressed than single, divorced, or widowed Americans.

This is not simply a statistical illusion, trust us on that. There are several studies that support the idea that marriage has a positive impact on people’s mental health. Men who are married are just one-third as likely to commit suicide as those who are single, and only half as likely as men who are divorced. Married men are also far less likely to struggle with alcoholism or illegal drug usage. In short, married men have better overall mental health than non-married men.

Marriage brings happiness because it is tangible and real.

It is safe to say the happiness that marriage brings outweighs the joys of being single. When asked if they are “very happy” with their lives, generally, 40% of married persons respond positively, compared to 25% of singles or cohabitors.

Happiness in marriage is not just an American phenomenon. One recent study by Steven Stack and J. Ross Eshleman of 17 developed nations found that “married persons have a significantly higher level of happiness than persons who are not married,” even after controlling different factors that may affect a person’s “happiness”. Further, “the strength of the association between being married and being happy is remarkably consistent across nations.

Getting married is a direct path to happiness.

How can a piece of paperwork, a vow, and a couple of rings do such miracles? Surprisingly, the benefits of marriage can only be reaped depending on your relationship with the person. Most of the time, people who live together don’t get the same advantages that married men and women do. Wedlock has the potential to transform people’s lives because of something about marriage as a social construct, a shared ambition, and a lifelong commitment.

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. As a man, you still have a lot more things to consider and many options to explore before you can really say that you are ready to settle down. And while you’re still considering the thought of marriage, we suggest you explore your options online. Love is one Sign Up away!

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 28 February, 2024 - Tuesday, 5 March, 2024
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