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International Matchmaking versus Local Dating & Apps

Nowadays, finding a significant other isn’t dependent on in-person meetings and introductions. The internet has made dating accessible. We now have online dating apps and sites readily available.

But while dating apps are familiar to many who are in the dating scene, the concept of international matchmaking might seem new.

This article will compare these two popular dating methods: international matchmaking and local dating through apps.

By the end of this read, you should have a better understanding of just which method will work best for you.

What Is International Matchmaking?

One on one matchmaking has been around for ages and has evolved with the times. International matchmaking is commonly referred to as “mail-order marriages.”

Certain statistics point to international matchmaking as the source of over 10,000 marriages a year in the United States alone.

Another interesting statistic is that the divorce rate of marriages through international matchmaking is lower than those formed through traditional dating. Current statistics point to only 1 out of 5 of these marriages ending in divorce.

Generally, international matchmaking sites allow women who are interested in marrying foreign men to sign up and create profiles on their sites. Reputable matchmaking sites verify these women’s profiles to make sure that they’re real people, and that the information they submit is accurate.

Men who are seeking love and marriage overseas can register with these sites. Once they do, they will have access to the women’s profiles to find matches. Setting up their own profile with their preferences will help the international matchmaker to find suitable matches for them from the database of registered women.

These international matchmakers are people, mostly women, which add human intuition and experience to the process of selecting the right match.

International matchmaking services, as the name itself implies, will also go the extra mile to ensure that the romantic relationships formed through the site will make it through to its ultimate goal: marriage.

This means that the site will facilitate communication between the men and women. This may come in the form of letters and phone calls. The best international dating sites will throw in translation services to ensure smooth communication.

Eventually, an in-person meeting between the men and women will take place, once more hosted by the international matchmakers. The most popular and enjoyable ways for these initial personal meetings to take place are through tours and vacations.

Statistics point to international matchmaking as the source of over 10,000 marriages a year in the United States alone. Another interesting statistic is that the divorce rate of marriages through international matchmaking is lower than those formed through traditional dating.

The men join the tour services the site offers and they can then travel to the very city where the women they’re interested in are located.

An excellent matchmaking site or agency will make sure it’s not just the traveling they cover – they provide accommodations and arrange for the social events as well.

The social event serves as the meeting ground for the men and women. There will also be staff to provide translation services to lessen the language barrier.

Of course, any international matchmaking site worth its salt will guarantee the safety and privacy of all parties involved.

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What Is Local Dating through Apps?

Local dating needs no introduction. It’s dating the “traditional” way – you meet people through mutual friends, school, or work. You live near each other. You get to go out more often than long-distance couples do. Most likely, you share the same background and are of the same age.

But while it continues to enjoy its traditional status, local dating, at least in the in-person sense, has become more complicated.

Finding people to connect with is a hit-and-miss affair. Most people would break up because they realized they have nothing in common with their significant other only after they’ve become a couple.

To ease this problem, online dating entered the scene.

A man holding a phone with a dating app.
Dating apps have made finding matches more convenient.

Dating apps have enjoyed a meteoric rise in the past decade alone. Recent statistics reveal that one in three adults claim to have used at least one dating app at least once. More data suggest that 40% of heterosexual couples claim to have met through a dating app.

This isn’t a phenomenon limited to Gen Zers, as the age demographic of 30 – 44 is the largest target segment of dating app users.

Another interesting fact is that more men use online dating sites and apps than women (Men, 52.4% vs. Women, 47.6%).

Dating app user statistics also suggest that the desirability of men tends to rise with age. By the age of 48, men receive more positive responses than women, almost double in all.

So how does it all work? Dating through apps is generally more straightforward than using matchmaking services.

  1. Download and install a dating app (preferably one that already has an established reputation)

  2. Create your own profile

  3. Browse through profiles that seem like a good match based on your preferences

  4. Swipe right to accept a match; left to pass

  5. Wait for the notification that someone you swiped right on has matched with you too

  6. You can then start texting or messaging each other

Many dating apps are free. As the statistics above point out, there are more men using dating apps and they seem to enjoy more welcome the older they get.

International Matchmaking vs. App-Facilitated Local Dating

Before going into the differences, we will explore the similarities:

  • Both methods rely on modern gadgets and technology; technically, they’re both online dating.

  • Both methods rely on third parties to pick matches for the users; human matchmakers for international matchmaking and algorithms for dating apps.

  • There’s usually more than one match for each user.

  • The prices differ, but money does get involved at some point.

  • Most people see both methods as a safety risk.

The two methods share quite a number of similarities. But those similarities aren’t substantial enough for most people who are considering using either to think that they’re the same.

Differences still weigh heavily. Consider these differences between them before making a decision.

International Matchmaking: Pros and Cons



Matchmaking sites and agencies are very strict with their privacy protocols. The user’s information can’t be traced back to their social media accounts without their knowledge and consent.


The users are verified, so there are no chances that the profiles are fake.


The meet-ups are organized by the agency. Not only is the first meeting between the two parties guaranteed, it’s also guaranteed to be safe.

Larger dating pool

Potential matches are not limited to a user’s immediate locale.


The host company takes responsibility for the comfort and safety of the users when engaging with their services.


This means that matchmaking sites are geared toward people who are looking for real connections that will lead to marriage.

A couple hugging.
International matchmaking is for those seeking marriage.


Physical distance

International matchmaking services cater to people who live oceans apart.


By formal, this only means the opposite of “casual.” A reputable international matchmaking service provider caters to people who are serious about dating. There are no casual flings or random hookups.


This is subjective and is relative to expenses through dating apps.

The factor “formal” is seen as both a positive and negative in this comparison. This is because not everyone who chooses to try online dating are looking for a real relationship.

Price is another factor that must be taken into account. International matchmaking services generally cost money, whereas dating apps are usually free. It’s not necessarily that the price for matchmaking services are just too high, it’s more that dating apps don’t cost anything for the most part.

Matchmaking sites are geared toward people who are looking for real connections that will lead to marriage.

Dating Apps Pros and Cons



Just about anyone can download and install a dating app.


Many dating apps are free to use. Users only start paying when they upgrade to a paid subscription.

Less pressure

There are no expectations for a user to follow through on a relationship or even a date. Most users prefer dating apps for casual online flirtation.

Matches limited to locale

Most dating apps show users only matches that are accessible to them in terms of location.


High risk of profile fraud

Profiles on dating apps are very easy to set up, and with no verification, even easier to fake.

Matches limited to locale

Most dating apps show matches that are within the users’ immediate vicinity.

Less accountability

Dating apps shoulder less responsibility for the potential harm users might experience while using their services.


Although many couples have found love through dating apps, this method is still primarily known as a way for people to find casual flings.

High chances of ghosting

Ghosting has become a common woe with the rise of dating apps. Many users complain that their matches either never reply to their messages or don’t show up on their dates.

The factor “matches limited to locale” is seen as both a negative and positive here because it’s subjective. Users may only get matches within their general vicinity, eschewing potential lasting connections from farther away.

However, most users of dating apps are content with this arrangement. They’re not looking for matches from outside of their immediate areas.

Which Dating Method Is Best for You?

Most people who enter the dating scene have an end goal in mind. This varies from person to person, but it’s the most important factor when deciding which method to use.

Dating apps are very convenient and are an ideal method for those who are looking for casual connections. The fact that most matches are found within the user’s immediate area also makes meeting up much quicker and more efficient.

Although dating apps usually lead to casual flings, there are also some couples out there who have found each other through apps.

International matchmaking, on the other hand, is as close to personalized as online dating can get, with human matchmakers empathizing with both their male and female users.

It’s safer because of the strict verification protocols.

It may be pricier compared to paid subscriptions for dating apps, but it also provides more substantial services, such as more secure and organized meet-ups.

International matchmaking agencies share their clientele’s ultimate goal, which is marriage. Most users want to have real connections, and as such, are more committed to following through.

When considering which dating method is right for you, always keep in mind what you want out of the experience.

If you’re looking for something fun, flirty, and not necessarily meaningful, dating apps are right for you.

But if you’re ready to settle down and willing to even cross oceans to find the right person for you, or you feel that you’ve outgrown playing the field, then international matchmaking is the better option for you.

Do you want to learn more about international matchmaking services? You can check out our site now.

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