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The Women from Medellin: How They Think and Love

Women from Medellin posing against a window
Women from Medellin are more than meets the eye. Want to win them over? Go beyond stereotypes and perceptions.

Listen, I’m not afraid of anything. I’m Colombian. - Sofia Vergara

She’s feisty. She’s beautiful. And she’s passionate. Of course she is. She’s Colombian!

But is that all she is?

What do we know about the women from Medellin, Colombia other than the caricatures perpetuated in popular culture? And why is it important to gain a view of them greater than these one-dimensional stereotypes?

Can you take these at face value, or is it more to them than meets the eye? And if the woman you fall for fits the stereotype, what do you make of it?

In dating, knowing is half the battle. Men who are able to get dates, impress women, and more importantly, have long and meaningful relationships do their best to understand women.

It would be a shame if you managed to snag a date with a beautiful Colombian woman only for your pursuit to break down because your mental image of her didn’t match reality.

Love is complicated. And love with a foreign woman from Colombia, for all its perks, can be a labyrinth at times.

Everything about her is different: her culture, upbringing, language, and the way she thinks. But if you have fallen head over heels for her, we want things to work out for you. We want you to match your gameplan to everything she poses.

Remember, she is a woman nonetheless. Let’s start there.

The Psychology of a Woman in Love

If you think understanding how men fall in love is hard, wait until you try navigating how a woman can be in matters of the heart. You know what they say: men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. One can’t live with the other, yet at the same time, they can’t live without each other.

Understanding the psychology of women in romance may seem like a tall order, but trust us — it’s not impossible!

Women from Medellin enjoying a man’s company.
To be successful at dating, you need to understand how women think and love.

Do they love differently from men? In some ways, yes. While there are no rules in love, evolutionary and cultural dynamics affect how men and women express their feelings.

According to psychologist Danielle Forshee, understanding the psychology of love is challenging.

“Love has always been tricky to define because of the subjective nature of the experience,” says Forshee.

Before we dive into the specifics, how about we paint a picture of how women are when they fall in love?

Women don’t always fall in love fast

Countless movies and TV shows depict women as the type to fall head over heels first. However, life doesn’t always imitate art. Dating experts (and siblings) David and Jonathan Bennett present this argument:

Men tend to fall in love and express feelings of love more quickly than do [sic] women, despite believing that women fall more quickly.

One study that surveyed 172 college students even supports this case. Findings show that both genders believe women are the first to fall in love and say “I love you” in relationships. However, men admitted to doing just that earlier than women. What does that mean? The latter isn’t always the one who shows their cards first.

Women may say “I love you” more frequently

Who drops “I love you’s” often? According to Forshee, it’s women. “Women list their partners’ expressions of ‘I love you’ in their top 10 romantic acts, but men do not,” she says.

Once you and your match establish each other’s feelings, don’t be surprised if she says the three words to you frequently.

Research agrees with this notion. One specific exploratory study says that women say it more than men because the former are more verbal in expressing the phrase in established relationships. Does that mean men aren’t verbally romantic? No. It just suggests that “I love you” may mean more to women.

Women from Medellin browsing a phone.
Like most ladies, Colombian women think long and hard while looking for love.

Skepticism may be more present in women

Earlier, we mentioned that evolution plays a part in female psychology. This contribution is best seen in skepticism on the woman’s side.

An article published in the Evolutionary Psychology journal suggests that evolution has programmed women to be more skeptical about men’s devotion. It’s a natural progression because ancient women were meticulous with their mates, checking if they were reliable and suitable reproductive partners.

This notion also explains why men have evolved as the party that falls in and expresses their love. How? They needed to prove their commitment first before progressing into a relationship.

Women are more likely to focus on their feelings

Do you remember your teenage crushes? Were you the type to zero in on one person, or did you frequently fall for people quickly?

Everyone falls in love differently. But according to the Bennett brothers, one’s gender may play a part in that.

A comparative study discovered that adolescent men attracted to women quickly fall in love and tend to do so more frequently. On the other side of the coin, the Bennett brothers have said that teenage girls who are attracted to boys usually fixate on fewer guys.

Do these findings define the status quo? No. How one falls in love will always depend on the individual.

Looks may not matter much to women

Does physical appearance play a role in attraction? Absolutely! Who can deny a handsome or pretty face when they see one?

However, looks can only do so much.

Per the Bennett brothers, physical appearance has a huge pull on men. Does that mean they’re shallow? No.

On the other hand, women consider other factors, like personality and principles, aside from looks. How does that play out, you ask? It may take a woman longer to warm up to a new partner compared to men.

Women from Medellin dancing with a partner.
Love at first sight? Be patient, sparks don’t always fly fast.

As with the previous points, biology is a huge contributor to this. An article published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior journal says that men are more visual compared to women. But again, falling in love at first sight is not limited to them.

Women tend to deal with rejections better

Unfortunately, not every love story has a happy ending. No matter how amicable a breakup is, the sting remains.

In a study published in the Sex Roles journal, three researchers revealed that women cope with rejections better than men. Why? Their findings noted that they’re most likely to end things if they see that their relationships are doomed.

The researchers also said that women are more aware of problem areas and act immediately. This doesn’t always translate to breakups, but this is a clear indicator of their decisiveness.

The Psychology of Medellin Women

Now that you understand the psychology of women in love, let’s talk specifically about the ladies in Medellin.

We’re sure you’ve heard about how Medellin girls are among the world’s most beautiful. While that’s true, there’s more to them than just their gorgeous faces. If you want to woo one, you should first know these things about them:

Gender roles are the status quo

The cultural shifting of gender roles may fast be accelerating in the modern Western world. In places like the United States, many people are going against tradition, interchanging gender roles or throwing them out altogether.

In Colombia, however, the traditional way is still the norm. In the household, women are expected to play the homemaking role. That means taking care of the house and raising kids (if they’re in the picture). Locals often count on men to wear the pants and lead their relationships/families.

And with that, most Medellin ladies let men take the lead in their relationship.

Women from Medellin with family.
Women from traditional countries like Colombia are generally happy to let their men lead the way.

However, that’s not to say they don’t and can’t speak their minds. They have a voice, but they expect men to step up and take charge.

Culture and religion play a role

Colombia is a predominantly Catholic country, with an estimated 35 million people practicing the faith. As polarizing as it is to some parts of the world, it’s a unifying force for many Colombians.

When in romantic relationships, most Medellin girls hope to end up with someone who’s in the picture for the long haul. Because of their strong Catholic faith, these ladies see marriage as more than just a piece of paper. Tying the knot is a sacred and life-changing event they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.

Culture is a major influencer too. Medellin ladies are generally conservative, waiting for men to approach them first. Although women making the first move isn’t unusual in modern society, Colombians’ traditional values and Catholic faith strongly prefer that women sit back and wait.

The family remains influential

It’s no secret that Colombians are family-oriented people. Even as adults become independent, they keep them in the picture. It won’t be a shock to see huge family gatherings, with extended relatives showing up just to celebrate a milestone.

Although their families don’t have the final say in their decisions, Medellin women still let them say their piece, allowing them to have some significant influence. By doing this, family members know they still have a place in their daughters’ lives.

Since birth, Colombians have raised to place the family high on their priority lists. If you are to pursue a Medellin lady, don’t be surprised if she asks you to meet them soon.

How Men Can Become Better Daters

Now that we’ve explained how the psychology of women works and how Medellin ladies approach relationships, the ball is now in your court.

Women from Medellin sitting together with a man.
Take the leap with women from Medellin and turn your attraction into romance.

Grow as a partner (and a person) by taking these tips to heart:

Acknowledge and accept the differences

Men and women think and act differently. Take a walk in their shoes and have empathy. The sooner you embrace that, the better your odds will be.

Have confidence

Be comfortable in your masculinity and do not be afraid to step up and make decisions when the situation calls for it.

While you need to take her wishes and preferences into account, do not always defer to her. It will make you look weak and unable to lead a household.

Listen up

Whether she’s asking something out of the “questions girls are afraid to ask guys” box or simply stating her piece, lend a listening ear. Understanding women will be much easier if you think beyond your bubble.

Ask questions

Assumptions can cause potential issues. If you want to know a woman’s thoughts, ask her. This point goes well with the previous one because remember: communication is a two-way street!

Continue Learning

This tip is especially important for men pursuing foreign women. Don’t risk offending potential matches by committing a cultural faux pas. It doesn’t take much to look up a specific culture’s do’s and don’ts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the stereotypes real?

All stereotypes must be taken with a grain of salt. But stereotypes exist for a reason. Colombian women being passionate, loving, loud, and sensitive are mostly positive stereotypes that give you an idea of what to expect.

Naturally, if that kind of woman fits your preferences, then having their reputation precede them is a good thing.

But never cling to stereotypes. Be open-minded and attempt to learn about the reasons why they are so. You will discover a deeper side to them that makes them all the more beautiful.

Holding hands with women from Medellin.
Good news: Colombian women are open to international love.

Do Colombian women accept foreign men?

The answer is yes. Colombians are friendly and accommodating people, so don’t be surprised if they’re warm to everyone. The numbers agree as well, with 27% of Hispanics marrying outside their race.

If you do fall for one, take your chances and ask her out.

When are the best times to meet Medellin women?

Medellin has a vibrant culture. There will be no shortage of social events like festivals, parties, and gatherings, all of which are excellent opportunities to meet women.

Festivals like Altavoz and the Festival of Flowers are great examples.

The Colombian people are spirited and high on life as well. To meet them, your options include:

  • Bars and nightclubs in El Poblado, a neighborhood known for its nightlife

  • Shopping centers and malls, such as Oviedo and Santafe

  • Parks and outdoor spaces, such as Parque Lleras and Parque Norte

Understanding the psychology of women in Medellin (and, by extension, women in general) won’t always be easy, but it isn’t rocket science either. The most important thing you should show is your sincerity to know where they are coming from.

May this guide help you navigate your pursuit of true love.

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