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5 Things Colombian Women Have That Your Local Single Women Don’t

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Are you sure local single women are right for you? You might want to explore your options.

Colombian women are not like your local single women. They aren’t deeply entrenched in Western values and ideologies. The majority of them remain to have conservative values and attitudes that make them perfect partners for Western men seeking traditional women.

In the current dating landscape, there are surveys and studies that are reminding us that Western dating isn’t as fun today as it was decades ago.

American women and Westernized women, in general, have ascribed to progressive Western values. They value their independence to the point of boundless entitlement, their assertion of their rights at the expense of the general peace, and the exercise of their speech to the point that only they know what they mean.

This is all fine and good in general depending on who you talk to, but the consequences have led to an elimination of feminine values of a time that were valued by men and are now being challenged today.

This unfortunately has been at the expense of American dating culture that both genders and especially men such as yourself might slowly be giving up on.

But you don’t have to give up!

In South America, there is a country called Colombia. Colombian beautiful women are out there waiting for a man with the personality and perspective in life that your local single women lack. Let’s look at how Colombian women are different from your local single women and why you should consider taking your search for a partner in Colombia.

1. They have a distinct beauty.

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Colombian beautiful women have a style and flair like no other. Consider dating one today!

Colombian beauty standards are world-renowned. Remembering Paulina Vega winning Miss Universe in 2014 or Sofia Vergara’s beauty would remind you of their country’s painstaking attention to beauty cultivated since the 20th century. This is a country that makes the value of feminine beauty on par with national values.

One of the keys to the country’s beauty is due to the ethnic makeup of the country. It’s a mixture of Europeans making up 62.5%, native Amerindians at 27.4%, Africans at 9.2%, and East Asian at 0.9%. Generations of mestizaje or intermixing, with a focus on enhancing the beauty of one’s children would lead to a variety of the shapes, color tones, and sizes today envied by the world.

Colombian beauty is Latin in flavor. Brunette hair and dark brown eyes. Curves all around that gravitate the eyes of all men and women around. They have many skin tones from black, wheat brown, and white. Colombian women focus on making sure they have that look that your local women could only wish for.

2. They hold a positive outlook on life.

Apart from their beauty Colombians hold a very positive outlook on life. This is unlike in America, where those under 25 are facing skyrocketing depression and people in every age group and industry are reported to have a loss of interest in life, as reported in an Insider article in 2019. Your local single women are likely to be depressed.

Colombians have a “joie de vivre” perspective on life. They don’t focus on the negative aspects of the day. That’s why they can be seen enjoying their life on the dance floor, taking adventure treks in the mountains, or celebrating a feast day in the city. When you meet a Colombian, the phrase “work hard, party hard” is a phrase they can associate with.

When you choose a Colombian woman, you’re choosing a happy life. She’ll want to make sure that you love your day and will be at your side to make sure it happens. Whatever age you’re at, young or old, she will find a way to bring happiness and joy into your life. If you’re interested in such an adventure, why not fly to the country and find Colombia beautiful women?

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3. They still observe gender roles.

In Western countries today, it is okay for men to be strong or weak. They can choose to lead the pack or allow the woman in the group to be the leader. They can even decide to be the breadwinner of the family or the house sitter. Women can do all of the things that men can do. They have the opportunity to be soldiers, firefighters, and in leadership positions.

The unfortunate thing is, if you try to challenge this mindset, social media will seek to ban or delete you from the internet community. There’s nothing like that in Colombia!

Men are expected to be strong leaders in their communities and families. Women are expected to be beautiful, take care of the home, and raise children. This community dynamic might be the cause of a lot of toxic machismo in Colombian society. However, this is where you come in.

Colombian women are looking for a gentleman. That means someone like you can lead in the dating and courtship phase. You are expected to plan, lead, and protect your woman’s honor when you go out and about.

4. They are family-centered.

The United States is revealing a mess in terms of relationships. Half of singles are not looking to date their counterparts. When it comes to dating for a committed relationship or a casual date, nearly half again are open to either. Roughly one in every two of your local single women isn’t looking for a relationship.

Nor is it looking good for US marriages. They recently hit a 50-year low in 2020. Almost half of the marriages will end in divorce and hold the 6th highest divorce rate in the world! Dating a local single woman for a long-term relationship seems to hold more risks than rewards.

This isn’t the case for Colombian women. They’re committed to family, and you when you marry into theirs. In line with their expectations of you as a man of the house, you become the pillar that the family relies on which includes your in-laws and extended family. Your Colombian wife becomes the queen of your home and will ensure your children are raised properly.

5. They are a team player.

Loyalty to the team, commitment, and the will to fight. These are the traits that every sports team needs to win. These virtues aren’t just prized in sports, they’re prized among all Colombians. A Colombian wife is loyal to her family and wouldn’t dare betray them. She is committed to you, her children, and any extended family. Lastly, she will work and fight hard to keep your family together, happy, and fed. Who wouldn’t want a Colombian woman on their team?

Columbian women essentially have values that your local single women lack.

Some people would rather be content with the local dating market and conform to values and ideas they feel they can’t agree with. They’d rather take a small and certain hit and conform, rather than risk discovering women that are found in their wildest dreams.

You can be who you are and your gorgeous Colombian will love you for who you are. So what are you waiting for? Meet single women in Medellin today.

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