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5 Reasons Why Women in Medellin, Colombia Are for Keeps

Women in Medellin, Colombia are keepers
Want someone who plays for keeps? Women in Medellin, Colombia fit that bill.

There are many things to admire about Medellin. This Colombian city, which, by the way, is the country’s second-largest, has a fun nightlife scene, amazing food, scenic sights, and awesome year-round weather.

Another great thing about the City of Eternal Spring? Just look at the women in Medellin, Colombia! There’s a reason many men from all over the world want to win them over.

But beyond their good looks, they have equally pleasant personalities that can make any man fall for them. Like you, they want to get serious in the romance department. If you want someone who wants happy long-term relationships, they’re your best bet.

The next few sections show why these ladies are for keeps. Sit back, hold tight, and be convinced!

5 Reasons Medellin Women Are Great Long-Term Partners

As we all know, physical attractiveness can only get someone far in a relationship. What good is a gorgeous face if you don’t have the heart and personality to match it?

Fortunately for you, Medellin ladies are more than above-average in the looks and inner beauty departments. These five reasons show why they’re great life partners:

Home won’t have a single thing out of place

Having a house is one thing. Keeping it in order is another.

Colombian women (and, by extension, Medellin women) are adamant about keeping their homes spic and span. If something needs cleaning or washing, they’ll get to it without batting an eyelash. Need something to eat? Watch them work their magic in the kitchen.

Don’t mistake them for being pushovers! Just because they don’t fuss about doing chores doesn’t mean you won’t do your share. Split household responsibilities equally without keeping score for a happier and healthier home.

Marriage isn’t just a piece of paper

As of this writing, Colombia has around 35 million Catholics. To say that it’s a huge number is an understatement, no?

Because of that gigantic figure, it’s safe to say that the faith remains strong in Medellin. And because of that faith, most folks hold marriage in high regard. Don’t be too surprised if locals make such a big deal out of it — culture and religion are deeply intertwined in Colombia.

Women in Medellin Colombia holding groom’s hand
Marrying women in Medellin, Colombia is a traditional affair. Best respect their customs as you tie the knot.

For future Medellin brides, marriage is sacred as it is life-changing. As they tie the knot, their innate loyalty becomes even more evident.

Many locals like to keep things old-school during weddings. Should you attend a wedding in the city, don’t be too shocked by their adherence to traditions.

Their zest for life is a good influence

Women in Medellin, Colombia are a passionate bunch. Big or small victories, they won’t hide their enthusiasm.

If you see fake smiles and laughs as you try to picture this optimism, don’t worry — the reality of such is far from that. Their cheery disposition isn’t the annoying kind, so why not let some of that rub off on you?

Here’s a fun fact: Colombia is among the world’s happiest nations. The country clocked in at number two in a 2021 Gallup survey. If you notice a certain glow on locals’ faces as you explore this South American wonder, it’s most likely their optimism radiating through.

Family is forever

Since Medellin locals like sticking to traditional values, the family is of utmost importance.

If you’ve seen Disney’s Encanto, the Madrigals’ dedication to the family (songs and magical elements aside) is spot on. Did you know that the Disney hit is set in Colombia?

Parents and relatives remain influential even throughout adulthood, making their thoughts known when their children make important decisions. When the adults say their piece, the kids take their feelings and recommendations into consideration. Does that mean that Medellin ladies can’t think for themselves? No. They’re just exercising thoughtfulness. They’re aware that their families are just looking out for them.

Games? They don’t have time for that

Are you the “date to marry” type? Luckily for you, many Medellin women follow that dating philosophy. While they don’t mind fun and casual dates, they’d rather go for something more serious and find men who prefer long-term commitment.

women in Medellin Colombia ready to kiss partner
Most women in Medellin, Colombia would rather find a long-term partner. Perhaps you could be the lucky guy?

With that, don’t worry about silly mind games. When a Medellin woman is into you, she’ll make that loud and clear.

Ace Medellin Dating Like a Pro and Make Her Yours

Dating someone can be a bit intimidating because of its unpredictable nature. Fortunately, though, it’s not an unconquerable dilemma. Sweep a Medellin lady off her feet by adding these to your dating checklist:

  • Let things play out naturally

    Forcing sparks to fly won’t do anyone any good. Avoid nitpicking and other pessimistic habits, and let your dates flow naturally! Trust us — they’ll be 100 times more fun that way.

  • Words alone won’t cut it

    Actions have messages that are just as loud as our words. Body language may not be in our total control, but what we can do is keep tabs on it.

    When words fail us, our gestures will do the talking. Don’t forget to do simple (yet meaningful) ones like handshakes and appropriate hand signals.

  • Let your eyes talk too

    Remember the Scarface line about the eyes never lying? Tony Montana has a point. The way someone looks at you is pretty telling. Not only does it indicate interest, but it also lets someone get a glimpse of their personality.

  • Say what you mean

    Don’t beat around the bush and just say what you want to say! You’ll avoid a ton of confusion if you don’t sugarcoat your words. Just remember to choose them wisely.

  • Wear your heart on your sleeve

    Playing cool and hard to get isn’t a surefire way to get someone into you. Forget that outdated mindset and feel free to express yourself. There are ways to show your emotions without coming on too strong, so there isn’t a good reason to hide your feelings.

If you’ve been looking at pictures of Colombian women, you’ll know just how gorgeous they are. Beneath their stunning faces lies a heart that plays for keeps. Just know that you’ll be blessed to have one as your life partner.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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