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Why Colombian Women Overlook Physical Appearance

A photo of a Colombian woman holding a man’s hand.
Know what traits Colombian women find most attractive in a man. | Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Having a great physical appearance is not that big of a deal in the international dating arena. Looks can be an advantage, but it doesn’t guarantee you a relationship that will last for a lifetime. That is why as much as you have attractive facial features, you also need to be attractive on the inside, especially if you want to date Colombian women.

Physical attractiveness is common in the beginning of the relationship. It is normal to fall for someone based on their good looks, physique, the way they dress, etc. But if you want to build a strong relationship with a Latina woman, you need to be more than just your pretty face.

With their fun qualities and traits, some people may think that women in Colombia have no taste when it comes to dating men, but in reality, these women have high standards that some foreign men can’t even reach. These women only entertain and date men who can bring interesting things to the table besides being plain handsome.

At this point, you already know that being simply eye-pleasing will not make you the perfect life partner, at least for Colombian ladies. To help you understand why, here are some of the attractive personality traits women in Colombia look for in a man, that makes physical appearance least important:

  1. Good Sense of Humor
  2. If you ever ask a Colombian lady “What makes a man handsome?”, this is probably on top of their answers. As you know, these women are fond of men who are optimistic and naturally funny. They like men who can make them laugh randomly and have the ability to be optimistic in life. Although maintaining a positive outlook in life at all times these days is not easy, it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if you want to pursue a relationship with a Colombian lady.

  3. Confidence
  4. Confidence really says something about a person, especially for men. This is why Colombian women have grown to like men who are sure of themselves. A man who is not afraid of expressing himself in any way. If you consider yourself a confident man, then there’s no need for you to worry because rest assured that Colombian ladies will love you. However, as much as they like confident men, they also hate arrogant ones. Thus, make sure not to be overconfident so you will not be labeled as one.

  5. Intelligence
  6. Being smart is probably the best trait women in Colombia love about men. For these women, the studious nerd is the new sporty jock. However, this doesn’t mean smart-smart, simply a man who can handle himself well during conversations and has a decent vocabulary.

    Being Mr. Smartypants is not a bad thing, if anything, it allows you to have a great advantage from other men if you want to impress a Colombian woman.

  7. Being Able to Cook
  8. As everyone should know, Colombian ladies are known to be good cooks. Basically, they can cook a variety of cuisines, whether local or international. Although they are good themselves, they still want to have a partner who knows how to cook well.

    The quote “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” does not only apply for women but also for men. If you make cooking your skill, there’s no doubt you will get the attention of the Colombian woman you like.

  9. Kindness and Generosity
  10. Kindness and generosity not only towards them but also to other people are two of the most attractive personality traits in a man that Colombian women look for. They like men who are capable of forgiving, being patient, helpful, optimistic, compassionate, and giving without asking something in return.

    Although these qualities and traits are rare to find in men nowadays, Colombian ladies are still hoping to find a partner in life who possess any of these traits.

  11. Honesty and Trustworthiness
  12. Not only are they among the most desirable and beautiful women in the world but women in Colombia are also the most honest and trustworthy life partners. When these women fall in love, they only give their 100% attention and love to one person only. This is what they want their partners to do, too. Colombian ladies want men who are not prone to cheating as well as men who are committed to stay with them for the long run.

  13. Independence
  14. Being dependent on your partner is natural, especially if you have been together for a long time. But overdoing it gives your partner the idea that you can’t live another day without your partner by your side, and that’s pretty much annoying, particularly for Colombian women.

    That is why women in Colombia prefer men who can do things on their own without having to be with each other 24/7. For these women, depending on someone all the time makes a man weak, hence makes him less attractive even though they have the most handsome faces in the universe.

  15. Adventurousness and Sportiness
  16. With over hundreds of extreme travel destinations in the country, particularly in Medellin, Colombia, there’s no question why Colombian women are the most adventurous and sporty amongst Latinas. These women always have a hunger for thrills and fun experiences.

    This explains why they are interested in men who love to skydive, rock and mountain climbing rather than men who play games on their computers. So even if you are the most handsome man in the crowd but you’re boring, you are still nothing.

Does physical appearance matter in a relationship? Yes, but it can’t dictate the future of your relationship, especially if you are dating Colombian women. Your looks don’t build and maintain a relationship for you, hence you need to be attractive both inside and outside.

Assess yourself whether or not you have the aforementioned personality traits that many Colombian women find attractive more than physical appearances. If you do, then you are ready to date a Colombian woman. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and join our single vacation tour in Colombia to meet these amazing women up close!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 28 February, 2024 - Tuesday, 5 March, 2024
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