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Love or Lust? Know the Difference Dating Colombian Women

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Love and lust are never the same. Know the difference in order to show real love to Colombian women.

Colombian women are known to be tough yet affectionate at the same time. Colombian culture plays a part in how they were raised to be passionate in almost everything they do. Beautiful women from Colombia will not think twice when it comes to upholding their traditions. Colombian traditions also emerge as women enter relationships.

Dating Colombian women will teach you how family is given great importance and you will get to see this once you start meeting women through various Latin dating sites.

Online dating has sped up some aspects of courtship, any relationship expert will tell you that most fundamentals still apply.

Most people tend to confuse love and lust with each other, believing that they are the same. But that is not how it works. Although physical attraction, accompanied by sexual attraction, happens to many, getting yourself emotionally attached to someone is another matter.

To put love into words, it is one complex and broad emotion that a person could possibly feel. Words can barely describe one’s love and actions can only justify how a person truly feels. No one can describe how love feels for you nor can they explain it. Romantic love can be sensed by you and only you.

Lust, on the other hand, is superficial. It is when you’re attracted to someone sexually and driven by the ideology of what imaginary reality you want to visualize. Most times it may not be real and it does not usually last. It happens fast and fades away in the same manner.

If you are interested in meeting Colombian women, know the difference between the two. For you to meet Colombian women, start by drawing a line between love and lust. Make falling in love your best decision yet and know how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you:

What Attracts You to Colombian Women?

Love: You know it’s love when you’re attracted to her charm, wit, personality, and dreams. When you see the totality of her being and appreciate who she is, that’s love. Her soul is what you love, and her appearance does not matter that much of a deal to you.

Lust: One of the most distinctive characteristics of a Colombian woman is her beauty and appeal. One glance can stir a man’s attention. Yours too, for the most part.

To say that they look like a Jane, someone rather plain and ordinary, would be wrong in so many ways. If you get attracted to her just by the way she looks, that is one basic way to spell lust.

What made you want to spend time with her?

Love: A man in love enjoys the company and presence of his woman despite not doing anything together, even if they are just quietly sitting in the same room. Finding yourself often looking forward to seeing her shows that you love her deeply.

Lust: If sleeping with her is the only thing you want to do when she is around, then that is never love. If you are a man who does not want to miss a single chance to get in bed with her, lust is what you feel for her, not love. Physical connection plays a big role in long term relationships.

Do you want her to be with you when you’re old?

Love: Yes. Love is persistent every time. It may not be consistent with how you want things to be, but it will always be the glue that you and your partner need to stick together. Planning a future with her in it portrays your intentions about wanting to be with her for a long time.

Lust: No. For a man who is attracted to a woman only at a sexual level, imagining an eternity by her side will never brush his mind, for lust does not last long, much more the idea of eternity. It would be impossible for this kind of attraction.

How do you feel seeing her happy? Or sad?

Love: Her being happy makes you genuinely feel the same even if things don’t go your way at the same time. On the contrary, seeing her hurt or in tears simply rips your heart apart. Of all the people who matter to you, her feelings impact you in a whole different way.

Lust: You do not necessarily concern yourself about her day. You only resort to saying shallow and empty words of comfort to her when significant things happen to her such as, “It’s going to be fine, babe,” or, “That’s great, really. Do it often then.”

How much are you willing to earn her trust?

Love: You would go to great lengths just to make her trust you even though you may not always be together. Having her doubt your loyalty is the last thing you would want, so you prevent this at all costs.

Lust: As a man, you casually feed yourself ceremoniously with the idea that she trusts you because you reach out and look for her when you are apart. Even without making the effort to be sure of this, just assuming that she trusts you enough is not a sign of love.

Does your relationship grow and progress over time?

Love: One sure sign that love strengthens your relationship is the presence of commitment and support. As a man in love, her achievements, big or small, matter to you and you feel proud of one another’s milestones.

Lust: Temporary satisfaction. Prompt gratification. Progress is not something you occupy yourself with. Those in lust typically disregard the growth of the relationship.

You calmly sit and watch your relationship with her go its own way without having the intention and effort to lead it in a certain direction.

Do you accept her imperfections?

Love: A person’s worth is not defined by their flaws and imperfections. If you openly see this side of hers and find yourself accepting them, then you just proved your love to her. When it comes to love, all things positive or negative are never denied.

Lust: Knowing a person’s imperfections and feeling discouraged after learning about it is not love. When one’s interest for the other decreases upon knowing their flaws, they think it wise to save themselves from heartbreak.

Having Her By Your Side

Genuine love is when you don’t allow another man to win your woman’s heart. Wanting your Colombian woman to be happy typically signifies real love. Fighting for what you strive most in a relationship will definitely show how much you care. So if you feel attracted to Colombian women, make no mistake and show them how a man can love wholeheartedly.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 28 February, 2024 - Tuesday, 5 March, 2024
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