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Immature Dating Habits Men Must *Seriously Leave Behind

Dating women in your 20s is significantly different than dating them in your 30s or 40s.

Your old dating habits no longer apply to how you should date now. For starters, people change priorities and needs. If you haven’t been keeping up, then no wonder you haven’t settled down yet.

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If you’ve been trying hard but still find yourself in loose strings, maybe you should treat dating with the seriousness it deserves. Check out this list of immature dating habits and seriously consider abandoning anything that applies to you.

Playing Games

Women your age are probably independent, successful, and mature. They’re past the stage of dating immature, egotistical men. They’re uninterested in men who love playing waiting and guessing games.

They need someone who is established, not someone who shops for a girlfriend every other week to boost his ego. They don’t have time for someone who still believes in nonsense rules like playing hard-to-get or ‘they should call first.’

If you like someone, then be straightforward and tell her. Leave your games and nonsense rules behind. Pursue her with genuine interest and impress her with your achievements and plans. Don’t pretend; let your charm and honesty work their way.

Being Overly-Spontaneous

Adult men and women have a lot of responsibilities.

So asking someone for a ‘meet-up’ or ‘coffee’ at the last minute in the middle of a busy work day will not sit well. It’s cute if you’re still in college. But it’s inconsiderate and annoying when you’re knee-deep into your careers.

If you want to take a woman out, make plans ahead of time. Respect her schedule, and yours. Being spontaneous every now and then is cute, especially if you are in tune with each other’s busy schedules. But practically kidnapping her from her busy life? A tad bit too childish.


Oh, ghosting – the new trend. Maybe I’d jump into it so I look cool!

For Pete’s sake, don’t. Ghosting is never cool, especially if you’re in you’re a full grown man.

If you’re not interested in her anymore, then don’t waste her time. Honestly tell her that you don’t see the relationship going anywhere. That’s a hundred times better than leaving her hanging.

That way, she can move on and find someone better. And you can move on, too, without feeling guilty. No time wasted, no feelings hurt or taken for granted.

Posting Fights on Social Media

Another trend that shouldn’t be.

Mature men, or mature couples, don’t post their lives on social media. More so their fights.

Misunderstandings must be dealt with privately, not exposed to the world. You may end up posting personal things about yourself or hurtful things to your partner. Exposing them will only result in more bad than good.

Posting your arguments online will draw attention. People will talk bad about your fight, about you, or your partner. And it will stay on the Internet long after it is resolved. Hence, staining your reputation.

If you need to talk to your partner, do it outside social media.

Break-Up Threats

Threatening your girlfriend with a break-up is manipulative. The worst your immaturity could take you.

It is a form of emotional abuse. You’re inducing fear in your girlfriend. She will question herself why you would want to leave her. This fear may even lead to deep anxiety, or worse, depression.

An immature man also uses break-up threats to gain power. Maybe your girlfriend just wants you to open up. But because you’re immature and don’t know healthy communication, you’ll threaten her instead. That way, she’ll stop and beg you not to leave.

Mature men never manipulate their girlfriends or wish them unwell. Grow up and don’t be the reason a woman gets traumatized.

This story is originally published in Medium: Immature Dating Habits Men Must *Seriously Leave Behind

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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