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Medellin Group Dating Culture | How to Date Colombian Women

 silhouette of figurines on a group date
Want to try group dating with Colombian women? Have we got the tips for you!

The concept of group dating has been popular in Japan, but has slowly garnered popularity in other countries for over the last few decades. Colombia is not an exemption. As a matter of fact, several Medellin women prefer group dates over one on one.

Group dates being an arrangement for merely young people is a thing of the past. More groups of single adult men and Colombian women are now organizing some time together hoping to ignite romantic relationships with the person they’re interested in.

Perhaps, you might think that such a new pattern for dating culture benefits only extroverts. Well, you’re in for a surprise. Here are some reasons why you should try going out on a group date:

  • Minimum to zero first date anxiety
  • First date anxiety is normal, but how you control yourself may dictate whether you get a second date or not. With group dating, you can be more at ease as you can mingle with the other people in the group. This means you don’t need to face each other all the time while enjoying some privacy if needed.

    If you’re not used to dating, going out in a group will help you with your nervousness. In a group setting, no matter how it turns out, at least, you met new people and made new friends along the way.

  • Less pressure
  • Being in a group, you feel less pressured, which makes it easier to let your guard down. Most likely, you will not feel the need to constantly impress your date, and, thus, feel free to be just yourself.

    This may not be something you could experience on a regular couples date of dinner or a movie. For the most part, you and your date may be immersed in group games or other physical activities, which can show the personalities of each person in the group. Absorbed in such activities, you are able to observe who she really is, which brings us to the next point.

  • You’ll see who she is in a group setting
  • You get to see how she interacts with other people, if she's friendly or not, if she can hold a conversation, or how she carries herself in general. Does she want all the spotlight to herself? If she does, it may mean that she’s narcissistic or insecure.

  • It feels safer...just in case
  • If you met her via Colombian cupid and are a bit new to online dating, you may feel a little hesitant to go out on a date with someone you barely know. That may be the case for her as well. In search of her soulmate, she may have encountered men who disrespected her. This is where the other women in the group can serve as her wingman to immediately intervene if something unlikely happens.

  • You learn how other men treat women
  • Other men are seeking for their potential partners alongside you, so you get to observe how other men interact with women. For shy guys, this can be a great way to observe how to behave on a one-on-one date at some point in the future.

Your Guide to Going on a Group Date in Medellin

group of people aboard a boat
Group dating is an eye-opening experience. You’ll never know how fun it can be without giving it a try!

Now that you know the benefits of group dating, the next step is the planning. In order for the group date to be successful, remember the following:

  • Who to invite
  • First, make it known to the people involved. Tell your guy friends that you’re up for meeting new women and if they would they like to join. Make sure they’re the type of guys who’d not screw the experience by possibly making the event all about them. Simply, choose friends who are natural conversation starters, who can just get along with anyone.

    Ask your female friends or even your sister (if she’s close in age) if they can recommend other single women who are willing to join a group date. Ideally, they should be people who are sort of familiar with each other. If not, then people who have at least mutual friends. This arrangement most likely results in establishing a deeper connection.

    However, you shouldn’t hesitate to organize group meet-ups even if you only knew the women online. This kind of arrangement can make the event even more fun because everyone is meeting completely new people.

  • Where to go and what to do
  • For the record, first dates are supposed to be interactive, so you shouldn't plan anything too complicated or involving too many technical details. For starters, you can organize the group date at either of these places:

    1. Festive restaurants. Also called as a City of Eternal Spring, Medellin,Colombia has a lot of these.
    2. Outdoor shopping malls. Whether you are just window shopping or actually plan on buying, either way you’ll know the things she likes, which can help you decide which gifts you can buy for her if you want to.
    3. Sports events. Even if you’re not that into sports, you can try watching Colombia soccer games with the group. Anyways, there are some awesome foods and drinks served at sporting grounds. Add in some great beer, and you’re off to a good start.
    4. Group date at home.
      man pours wine in a glass
      Short on clever ideas? Have a group date at home instead!
      There are so many fun things you can do, such as showing your skills off in the kitchen together, hosting a game night, such as cards, or board games. Or you could just chill and hangout and gaze at the stars in your yard or at the rooftop.
    5. Enter a bar trivia night. Find bars that conduct trivia nights. How about that? You can pool all your past random knowledge and compete altogether to win a round of free drinks. Even if you don’t win, you can always just end up hanging out and toasting your brews.
    6. Go to theme parks. Who could resist hanging out in places where there are some cool rides? Put yourselves out there and enjoy some breathtaking joyrides!
    7. Go to a pub. You and your friends can play some pool or drinking games!
    8. Head to a bowling alley. Have a little competition among yourselves with good music and food.
  • What to say
  • Remember, the key to her being interested in you is to be interested in her first. Ask her questions and listen earnestly. She’ll be just as curious about you in no time. But don’t pry too deeply. Stay in the safe zone of questioning, such as those that wll clue you about her personality and of course, make her feel special.

Colombian women are fun-loving people. A lot of them are quite outgoing and spontaneous. With that said, feel free to organize or join some group dates! You’ll see how much better it is than the traditional, one-on-one kind of date. You can sign up for one of our singles tours and join social events.

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