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The Gringo Effect - Can Being Foreign Attract MORE Colombian Women?

men hanging around with Colombian women
Why are many foreign men dating Colombian women? See why local ladies are attracted to them.

Out of all the races, Latinos, it turns out, are the ones that are most likely to marry people outside of their own race. And the most common type of interracial couple in the US? Not surprisingly it’s between Caucasian and Latino couples.

And who could resist the charm and appeal of Latina, especially that of Colombian women. They are considered some of the most beautiful women in the world. It’s no wonder that men from across the globe would cross oceans only to be dating Colombian women. But planning to date them is one thing, actually dating them is another matter.

If you are worried that you wouldn’t be able to meet Colombian women, don’t be because some of them are bound to be attracted to you. With the help of online dating, more and more Colombian women are not only open to dating Americans but also actually seek them out by signing up on online dating sites.

As mentioned earlier, these are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Surely they could take their pick on any man, but why would they prefer to date Americans? Here are some of their reasons:

  1. Low-maintenance
  2. Americans don’t draw that much attention to themselves. Because of this, they don’t crave for that much affection and attention. This appeals to Colombianas considering a lot of them are quite independent and lead busy lives. They don’t always have the time to coddle or pander their partners.

  3. Attentive
  4. There are Colombians girls dating gringos because of how well they listen. Their level of listening is apparent even while they are dating on free dating sites. Women, in general, appreciate men who listen to them. Considering the things they do for their families and even their partner, at the end of the day they just want someone to listen to them every once in a while.

    Colombian woman listens to fellow singles.
    Colombian ladies are open-minded women. Are you game for new experiences? Good news: so are they!
  5. Open-minded
  6. Western culture is significantly more liberal compared to Latino culture. Because of that, Americans are generally more open-minded. Because of that, they don’t mind trying new things, like food, dances, etc.

    Their open-mindedness also applies when time comes to meet Colombian women. In order to date one of them, most American men are willing to court them first before anything happens.

    Being open-minded can also mean accepting another person’s flaws and insecurities. Colombianas want to make sure that their partner would accept them for who they are, flaws and all.

  7. Expressive
  8. Because of the whole machismo culture, Latino men are a lot less forthcoming with their feelings. Americans, on the other hand, are more expressive of their feelings. This makes it easier for Colombian women because they can easily figure out where they stand in the relationship.

    Aside from that, their transparency is a welcome change to the aloof nature of Colombian men.

  9. Novelty
  10. Of course, let’s not forget the foreign factor. Because there aren’t that many Americans in Colombia, the ones that visit easily stand out. Naturally, this would pique the interest of Colombianas.

    It’s not just because Americans look different, but they behave differently as well. Add to the fact that Americans have a more amiable personality, naturally Colombian women would be drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

All in all, when you go to Colombia, the fact that you are a foreigner would really work to your advantage when meeting Colombian women. However, just because you have that edge doesn’t mean you should no longer make any effort to impress them. You have to live up to the hype otherwise you won’t find a date.

While each Colombian lady is different, there are some things they would find impressive. Here are some of their turn-ons:

  • Better put on your dancing shoes
  • Dancing isn’t just an artform, it’s a way of expression. You could tell a lot of a woman from the way she dances. Sure, it can be intimidating, but at least you have an excuse to hold her and get close.

  • Compliment her every once in a while
  • Colombian woman and foreign man in conversation
    Throw genuine compliments her way! Local women will appreciate the praise.

    Women, in general, don’t ask for much. From time to time, they just want to be acknowledged and appreciated. For this reason, make sure to compliment her every now and then. And don’t just compliment her looks because that can get predictable, but also about her personality.

  • Be more decisive
  • Women appreciate men who can make up their minds, especially when it comes to relationships. While they want to be with someone who is considerate, they also want men who aren’t pushovers—partners who can stand on their own convictions. So don’t beat bush. If you like someone, go ahead and tell her. She would appreciate how forthright you are.

  • Meet the family
  • In western culture, meeting friends and family usually occurs much later, ideally when the relationship is quite serious. However in Latin America, it can happen much sooner than you think. When that happens, make sure to put your best foot forward to make a good impression not only with her parents but to her as well.

  • Accept her for who she is
  • This is by far the most important advice of all. Not all women are alike, and if you meet one that doesn’t conform to your idea of a Colombian woman, don’t be dismayed by that. You should still make the effort to discover her for who she is. Besides, the fact that she’s entertaining you signifies that she’s just as open to who you are.

In short, just make sure to treat them right and you would eventually find someone who would want to be in a relationship with you.

So if you are thinking about settling down with a Colombian woman, go ahead, visit the country, and start dating the women there. You’d find that there are plenty of them willing to get to know you and even date you. These women are not only willing to try something new but also appreciate what you can bring to the relationship. And if you sign up with us, you have the chance of joining our upcoming Colombian tours.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 28 February, 2024 - Tuesday, 5 March, 2024
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