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Dating Tips | What Not to Say on Your First Date

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Words are powerful. These dating tips show you what you shouldn’t say on first dates.

First dates are one of the many things in life that a lot of us love to look forward to. However, our behavior towards it may vary. Sometimes we become a little too nervous, sometimes we become a little too excited. And keep in mind that a little too much of anything can’t be good. If you want your date to be successful, you simply have to prepare for it ahead of time. And if you want to date Colombian women, making sure that your first date is successful is an essential matter. That’s why various dating tips exist.

Medellin, Colombia is the perfect place to meet lovely Colombian women. Or at least, women from Medellin, Colombia are perfect for you if you want to get back into the dating scene, or if you’re simply interested in dating a Latina. You need to be prepared for that anticipated first date with her. You have to look right, act right, and say the right things. People get so hung up on what to do and what to say that they often disregard the other side of the coin. Knowing what not to do and say during the first date is just as important. In the spirit of that, here are a couple of basic dating tips regarding the things you absolutely should not say, ask, or talk about when you’re on your first date with a Latina:

  • How many men have you dated? This is a conversation that is not suitable for a first date. In fact, you should probably wait for her to open up about it first. Do not bluntly ask your date about her past in numbers. This will make you look desperate, insecure, and sad.
  • I look great tonight. Here is one of the most important pieces of dating tips for you: don’t ever act like a self-absorbed narcissist when on a date with a Colombian woman, or any woman for that matter. Just be confident enough that you are not jittery and nervous. And remember to never cross the line of being arrogant.
  • Do you want to go to my place after this? Another discouraging thing you can do on your first date is to invite your date to come over to your place, especially when the date hasn’t even finished yet. This will then make her think that you’re only looking for someone to sleep with and nothing else. She will also be discouraged if her motivations don’t align with yours. So just to be safe, steer clear from this topic or conversation.
  • What’s your job? At this point, it’s not exactly the thought of the question that is wrong but the way it is phrased. Asking this may imply financial curiosity. Instead of asking that, ask what she does for a living. You can then proceed to ask her if she enjoys what she does and if that is her passion. Show interest in her passions and aspirations, and be sure to steer clear of talking about financial situations.
  • Do you want to leave your country? If you are a foreign man who is on a date with a Latina in Colombia, never ask her if she wants to leave her country. A lot of Colombians really love their country and even though they are willing to settle down on foreign land for the sake of love, it is still risky to ask a question like this.

These are just a couple of dating tips for men who want to know what they shouldn’t say or do on a first date, especially when it's with a Colombian woman. Just remember to be thoughtful, sensitive, and most importantly, a gentleman throughout the entire date. Be aware of which things are ideal to talk about, and definitely remember which ones aren’t. Keep these things in mind and it will eventually become natural to you. If you’re yet to meet a beautiful Latina that you’d like to date, you can simply sign up on our site and find one you’d like to meet and go out with someday!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 28 February, 2024 - Tuesday, 5 March, 2024
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