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Where Many Men Fail Dating Colombian Women

three Colombian women
Stop making these mistakes when dating Colombian women.

Dating, in and of itself, can be intimidating. After all, you can never know what happens, whether you hit it off or not. But when you are dating Colombian women, the stakes are higher because of the cultural and language differences. However tough the challenges are, that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them. You just have to tread carefully when you are dating these Latinas.

If you find meeting them in person to be too intimidating, one way to make dating Colombian ladies easier is to rely on dating sites. By putting off meeting face-to-face, you don’t have to deal with the pressures of making yourself presentable and other dating norms. One of the perks of online dating, is you can get to know someone at a safe distance.

Another way to make the dating process go smoothly is to avoid making some common mistakes men make. This is one way to make a good impression among women in Colombia (or at the very least get you a second date). To avoid losing out like those other guys, here are some common mistakes to avoid making:

  1. Trying to play too cool
  2. While there is nothing wrong trying to appear cool as a cucumber, there is nothing wrong acknowledging when things go awry. Unexpected things happen on dates all the time, what’s important is how you deal with them. If you can have a good laugh about it, that shows that you can roll with the punches. But if you try to disregard the mishap or play it off like it’s no big deal, you’d look like you’re trying too hard or pretending to be someone you’re not.

    It’s okay to show that you’re not perfect. If you show a vulnerable side, that might just allow her to let her guard down as well and open up to you more. So whenever something goes wrong in the date, try to laugh it off and she might respond positively as well.

  3. Trying to downplay how affected you are
  4. Colombian woman talks to a foreign man
    Playing it cool isn’t a winning strategy anymore.

    These days, it’s okay for men to be more expressive with their emotions, even more so when going on online dating sites. There’s still this perception that to get women to want you, you have to play hard to get. Believing this misconception can mess your chances of making a good first impression.

    If you like your date, then show her how you feel. The good thing is there are different ways to express it without seeming too forward. Even little things like listening to what she has to say or considering her needs and preferences can go a long way in letting her know how you feel. Complimenting her is another way of indirectly letting her know that you want her because you’re making her feel attractive. Either way, there is no reason you should hide what you are really feeling.

  5. Not footing the bill
  6. Whoever said chivalry is dead? While the recent feminist movement has certainly put men and women on a more equal footing, that’s no excuse not to be a gentleman. And one of the most gentlemanly things you can do is pay for the meal, travel fare, and all other applicable expenses.

    And when you are dating Colombian women, it’s still expected of you to foot the bill primarily because the country has mainly conservative culture. This means that they still adhere to some traditional gender norms. So if you are on a budget, just plan a date that’s within your means. It would be unfair to ask her to pay especially if you were the one that asked her out in the first place. If she offers to split the bill, perhaps then you can consider the option.

  7. Hogging the conversation
  8. Dates are meant for you to get to know one another. And how do you expect to learn more about her if you keep talking about yourself?

    Couple distancing themselves after an argument.
    Don’t be a jerk and talk all over your date. She has things to say too!

    In order to find out what she’s like, you really have to listen to what she’s saying, and that is especially important during the initial stage of dating. How else would you know if there is any future between you if you don’t let her share details about herself?

    This also applies to when you’ve signed up on free dating sites. If you simply wanted a soundboard, you can always go to a therapist for that. And being self-centered is the quickest way to turn off your date. If you don’t want to come across as a jerk, then make sure to engage her in conversation and allow her to speak from time to time.

  9. Always checking your phone
  10. If you should take away anything on this list, it’s that you should focus on your date. When you constantly check your phone, not only will you seem distracted but also seem disinterested. If you are worried about emergencies, you can simply set your phone on vibrate and excuse yourself.

    Besides, it’s also rude to keep on checking on your phone. This would be less of a problem when you are dating online. One of the facts about online dating is that it’s much easier to focus on your date since there are few distractions. And when you’re corresponding online, you can respond to each other at your own time. That way, whatever time you give her would solely be devoted to her.

In short, you just have to behave properly. Another important piece of advice to win her over is to just be yourself. Being yourself can help you figure out which woman you are comfortable with or not. And lost but not the least, make sure to enjoy the date. Even if your purpose is to find the right woman, you should still have some fun along the way.

But you can experience all that and more as soon as you take the first step. And if you are eager to meet gorgeous Colombian women, go right ahead and sign up for our matchmaking site. And if you don’t skip the details, you may just find the ideal lifelong partner.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 28 February, 2024 - Tuesday, 5 March, 2024
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