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Medellin Date Ideas Colombian Women LOVE

A shallow focus photo of a Colombain woman
Learn more about the perfect date ideas that Colombian women would love. | Photo by Jeison Higuita on Unsplash

When asking a Colombian woman out on a date, the only thing you should worry about is where to take her, not whether or not she says yes. These women have different ideas when it comes to dates — they can be as adventurous and chill as they want to be.

As you know, Colombian women can be challenging to date. They can be too much to handle for most men, some even think that these ladies are too good to be true. That’s why it’s important to know them bit by bit, especially when it comes to the Colombian dating culture. In building a strong, happy, and healthy relationship with a Colombian lady, all factual information counts.

With that being said, take note of the following date ideas in Medellin that Colombian women would love:

  1. Paragliding
  2. When we talk about Latina women in general, the first thing that usually comes to mind is adventure. Truth be told, one of the characteristics of a Colombian woman is being adventurous.

    One of the best date ideas Colombian women love is paragliding in San Felix, one of the most famous places in Medellin for such an activity. If you want to sweep your Colombian date off her feet, you should at least give this place a visit.

    Once you are high up in the sky, you can see the overlooking beauty and wonder of Medellin. This is also the perfect chance for you to show your date that you can be as adventurous as she is.

    Although you have to take separate rides, this is still a one of a kind date that you and your Colombian lady will forever remember. This will also satisfy her hunger for thrill and adventure.

  3. A Museum Visit
  4. As you know, Colombian women are classy and intelligent, and they like men with sense. So to impress your lady, particularly on your date, try visiting museums with her.

    A An art gallery within a museum.
    Make your mark by taking your match on a museum date.

    Medellin has several museums that tourists love to visit -- one of the most famous ones being the Museo de Antioquia.

    Once you are in the museum, always initiate a conversation with her. Start by sharing what you know about Colombian history. You can also ask her about the things you’re unfamiliar with. Not only will this give her the impression that you want to learn more about their culture and history, but it will also show how sincere your intentions are for her.

  5. Picnic Date
  6. Going on a picnic is a common date idea. However, Latina women are very appreciative, thus, regardless of how simple your date is, they will still appreciate it. Besides, who doesn’t love a good picnic date?

    One of the best places to have a picnic is in Jardin Botanico de Medellín. This place is beautiful and refreshing, especially with its pleasant atmosphere.

    You can cook her favorite food and pair it with some wine and fruits. With your efforts on this, your Colombian woman will surely appreciate you even more.

  7. Coffee Date
  8. One of the things Colombia has to offer to its tourists is its coffee. It is considered one of the countries with the best coffee.

    Colombians love to visit coffee shops to enjoy some good coffee. So if you are planning a date with Colombian women, you should consider getting some coffee.

    There are many different cafes in Medellin, but one of the most famous ones in the area is the La Taza Tienda de Cafe. It is a small and quiet place, which is perfect if you don’t want to be disturbed while on a date with a beautiful Colombian girl.

  9. Dance Lessons
  10. Colombians love to dance, it’s just what they do. Dancing is a massive part of their culture. Basically, it’s in their blood.

    Colombian woman dancing in front of a bright wall.
    Want to earn brownie points? Dance with your Colombian date!

    When dating a Colombian woman, it doesn’t matter if you are good at dancing or not, you will experience it anyway. Thus, it is best to learn the different dances in the country, such as Cumbia, Salsa, Bambuco, Champeta, Porro, etc., unless you want your date to dance with someone else.

    You can take dance lessons with her and learn the other dances she loves or is into. This will show your sincerity towards wanting to know her and learning about the things she loves.

  11. Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant
  12. As mentioned, Colombian ladies are classy and they love to dress up, especially if they are going out on a date. What a perfect way to show your beautiful date how much you appreciate her looks as you take her to a fancy restaurant!

    Medellin has many restaurants to offer, but the one that stands out the most is Carmen. This is considered the top restaurant in the city.

    With its mouth-watering set of food and great dining experience, your Colombian date will surely feel special.

  13. Beach
  14. Colombia is one of the countries around the world that has stunning beaches. Colombians love to visit beaches in their free time, especially Colombian women.

    They love to enjoy the smell of the ocean and feel the sea breeze, as well as flaunt their hour-glass like bodies. As such, you can never go wrong with a fun and simple beach date.

    Medellin alone has many famous beaches, such as Capurganá, Playa Blanca in Isla Baru, Las Islas del Rosario, and many more. You can visit any of these beaches with your Colombian date anytime.

  15. Sports Event
  16. Colombians, in general, love football. Their relationship to this sport is incomparable. That’s why it’s a perfect idea for a date.

    Regardless if you are into football or not, you will have to learn something about it eventually, especially if you plan on marrying a Colombian woman someday.

    Man playing football with kids.
    Is your date the sporty type? Add a fun twist to your date by playing football!

    This only means that you are willing to experience and learn about the things that she’s into so you can enjoy doing them together.

Dating routines can be repetitive, and sometimes, women get bored of it, especially confident and adventurous Colombian women. It is a huge challenge for men to come up with the perfect date idea to impress these women. That’s why it’s imperative to take the aforementioned date ideas to heart. If done right, these ideas will land you more and more dates in the future.

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