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A First-Timer’s Guide to Women in Medellin, Colombia

Women in Medellin Colombia pose for a photo at a social event.
Dating for the first time? Give women in Medellin, Colombia a shot!

Whether it’s in-person meet-ups or Zoom calls, first dates can be nerve-wracking for even some brave souls. How can you show eagerness without coming on too strong?

When you’re dating someone from the magnificent city of Medellin in Colombia, first-date jitters aren’t the only pressures that can make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells. And if you let your nerves get to you, you’ll blow your chance at second dates before your first one’s over. You don’t want to be in that position — and we don’t want you broken-hearted either!

So, how can you make a great impression your first time around?

Allow this guide to dating women in Medellin, Colombia to help you out!

Painting a Picture of Women from Medellin, Colombia

Before we get to dating tips, how about we go over what a Medellin woman is first? Should you choose to pursue one, this description should give you a helpful glimpse before you dive into the city’s dating scene.

Family is their number one priority

Latin women are a family-oriented bunch because their culture encourages such a trait. Medellin women (and, by extension, Colombian women) are no different. Once they get into a serious relationship, they’ll likely want to take you to their families and meet them.

Does that sound intimidating? Absolutely! As scary as that thought is, think of it this way: you’re that important to them!

And because family is high on their priority lists, they take homemaking pretty seriously. If you are to end up with one as a life partner, you can bet your household will almost always be in tip-top shape.

They have a say, but you call the shots

Most Colombian girls are conservative. In line with their traditional beliefs, they don’t veer too far from gender roles. This means you make the first move!

Ladies may cast their nets, but you, as the guy, should take the first step. They usually expect men to take charge, so you better muster the courage and take the initial leap. Once you get their attention and win their hearts, don’t be surprised if they treat you like a king. They won’t hold back on showering (appropriate) affection.

They’re in It for the Long Haul

Have you ever encountered someone who’s the “date to marry” type? Most women in Medellin, Colombia subscribe to that mantra.

Does that mean they don’t enjoy casual dates every now and then? No. However, most hope for a happy endgame with their matches. They want men capable of carrying committed, long-term relationships they won’t regret getting into.

Medellin has a population of over 4 million. Going off that number, you’re bound to bump into an amazing woman, right?

The answer is yes.

Want to meet these interesting ladies? Look at their profiles and see who tickles your fancy!

Good News: Colombian Women Are Open to Dating Foreign Men

Women in Medellin, Colombia takes photo a client.
Women in Medellin, Colombia are game for dating beyond their geographical limits.

According to Pew Research Center data, 27% of Hispanic newlyweds tied the knot with someone outside their race and ethnicity. That percentage may seem small, but don’t lose hope! You still have a chance at winning a Colombian girl over.

Like every other woman, Colombian ladies are free to choose any man they desire. But as to why many of them like having foreign partners, here are a few good reasons:

  • Open-mindedness
  • Western culture leans toward a more liberal stance compared to Latin norms. Because of that, Western men are more open to trying new things and seeing fresh perspectives when they meet women overseas.

  • Expressiveness
  • Latin men are a lot less open about their feelings, no thanks to machismo. Most foreign guys don’t mince their words much; if they have something to say, they won’t hold back.

    So, if you’re an expressive partner, a Colombian lady will surely appreciate that trait. This lets her know whether you two are on the same page or not.

  • Low-maintenance nature
  • Many Colombianas lead busy lives. Because of that, they don’t get as much quality time as they’d like with their partners. Western men tend to have laid-back natures, making the lack of PDA and other grand gestures a nonissue.

Dating for the First Time

If this is your first foray into international dating, or dating in general, we understand how daunting that can be. We’ve all been there!

But how will you experience love if you won’t take a risk and dip your toes?

Dating Must-Dos

As you mingle with these Colombian women, add these pointers to your dating checklist:

Bust out your best outfit

You don’t need to rent a tuxedo or anything fancy, but you should look nice on dates! The least you can do is take a shower, shave excess hair, and wear good cologne.

Don’t know what to wear? Put on well-fitting pants and a decent shirt and top off your look with a blazer. This combination strikes a perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication.

A client converses with women in Medellin, Colombia.
Want to make a good impression on women in Medellin, Colombia? Start by dressing nicely.

Give sincere compliments

People don’t need sharp minds to tell if something’s fake. Don’t dish out a compliment just for the sake of giving one.

If you’re seeing a beautiful Colombian woman and you want to comment on her appearance, keep it classy. Even a “you look really great tonight” is a good enough compliment. Phrasing matters, people!

Curb your (extra) enthusiasm

Look, it’s okay to feel excited on first dates! However, giddiness can backfire. How? According to psychologist Tracy Thomas, too much excitement translates to nervousness.

Keep your giddy feelings in control by planning dates that offer good distractions. You’re not always prepared for smooth conversations all the time, so activities like concerts and movies should keep you occupied.

Keep your hands to yourself

Touches should be kept to a minimum during first dates. How will they retain their magic if you overdo them?

Got jokes? Share them

Want to break the ice? Humor is your best friend! Find something to laugh about, like funny dating site stories or your shared love for certain shows.

Embrace the NOW!

Put your phone down and forget about everything else for a moment! You’re on a date and you should be focusing and enjoying that. Even if you and your match aren’t the endgames you’re hoping for, at least you won’t have regrets.

Avoid These First-Date No-Nos

Whether you’re dating a Colombian long-distance or are in a close-contact setting, stay away from these all-too-common first-date mistakes:

Looking for negatives

Yes, we are our own worst critics. However, curb your nitpicking habits and stop overanalyzing matches! Just because something about them isn’t 100% clicking with you doesn’t mean you should run toward the nearest exit sign.

Immediately writing matches off

Let’s say you aren’t hitting it off with someone you’ve met on a “meet Colombian woman” site. Unless they’re making you feel uncomfortable and unsafe, why not give them another shot? If things still aren’t going as well as you hoped, then you make a decision from there.

Poor manners

You’d think everyone would have at least decent manners since they were taught to most of us as early as childhood. Unfortunately, there are bad apples who can’t put on their best behavior. Actions hold just as much weight as words do, and they’re reflective of people’s characters. Be a gentleman and leave rudeness out the door.


Conversations are back-and-forth exchanges, right? Don’t take up all the attention and share your entire life story. If your date’s the shy and silent type, try going for open-ended questions to elicit interesting responses.


One drink or two is okay, but too much liquid courage can lead to disastrous results. Sloppy and drunk dates aren’t fun!

Constant mentions of/callbacks to exes

Trashing your exes sounds tempting, but be the bigger man and put them on the back burner. They’re in your past for a reason!

Want to give dating a try? Look no further than this platform! Registration is free, so sign up now to kick off your love story.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 6 December, 2023 - Tuesday, 12 December, 2023
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