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Medellin Travel Guide | What Language Is Spoken in Colombia?

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Surprisingly, not many people know what language is spoken in Colombia.

Colombia lies in the middle of Latin America, which is a cultural region in the Americas where languages that are derived from Latin are predominantly spoken. Latin America also refers to the countries that were once ruled by the Spanish empire, so it makes sense that Colombians’ primary language is Spanish.

In learning what language is spoken in Colombia, you also need to know that the colonization of the country by Spain is the main reason why Spanish became the most spoken language. As one of the most populous nations in Latin America, the nation is home to more than 45 million people. Over 99% of them are Spanish speakers.

Even so, there are still Colombian islands such as San Andres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, in which English is the official language. However, Spanish is the language that predominates and is a required subject in every school. Bilingual education is required in other areas where Spanish isn’t an official language.

When talking to a Colombian woman, it is essential that you take interest in the language that she speaks.

What Other Languages Are Spoken in Colombia?

Colombia is known to have a diverse population both ethnically and linguistically. Because of this, people from Colombia may speak more than a hundred languages together. Still, there are 37 known major languages in the country.

One known language that is spoken by Colombians is the Amerindian language. This is a language commonly used by the American-Indian indigenous group that involved Cariban, Arawakan, Quenchuan, and Tupian. There are 65 Amerindian languages spoken in Colombia, which can be grouped into 12 regions to which these languages are spoken.

There is also the Creole language which is made from a blend of various ethnic languages. Colombia is home to speakers of the Palenquero, languages that are derived from Creoles.

The Palenquero language is mostly spoken in settlements, especially to the southeast of Cartagena, by only around 3,000 Colombians. Although about 10% of the younger people can speak or comprehend Palenquero, most Spanish speakers cannot.

What Is the Difference between Spanish in Colombia and Spanish in Spain?

It is important to note that while Spanish is the most used language in Colombia, Colombians don’t speak the same Spanish that is spoken in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries. But like in any other country, you can’t just simplify the language to “Colombian” as there are many other dialects in the country. When we say Colombian Spanish, we mean the dialect that is commonly spoken in Bogota, which is the capital city of Colombia.

You may hear the dialect being commonly spoken in telenovelas as it is known that Colombian Spanish is probably the clearest Spanish to exist. This language is also used during public events and most media outlets. Colombian Spanish has become more well-known globally as a result. Colombian Spanish is distinguished by its distinct pronunciation and nearly melodic tone.

Most Colombians have different intonations and accents depending on what region the person that is speaking is from. The “paisas” (people living in Medellin) have the same Spanish as those in the capital but they color up their speech a lot with local slang, which most foreigners find endearing.

Useful Spanish Phrases You Can Use When Traveling in Colombia

Professionals say that it takes around 24 weeks to talk like a native in the Spanish language. It can be easier for you since Colombian Spanish is also known for being the easiest language to learn in comparison to all other Spanish dialects.

two Colombian men conversing in the middle of the street
Knowing what language is spoken in Colombia will make your travel to the country easier.

It’s crucial to learn a few Colombian phrases if you are planning to visit and explore the country or meet and hold a conversation with a Latina, especially with Medellin, Colombia women. Check out this helpful list of common Colombian phrases to help you learn and impress your Colombian woman.

Spanish English Definition
Todo Bien All good. It is usually used as a greeting or to tell someone that things are fine
¿Quihubo parce? What’s up, friend? This is a greeting that originated in Medellin but is commonly used throughout Colombia too.
¡Qué nota! Amazing! A fun way to say that something or someone is amazing.
Por si las moscas Just in case… If you take the definition word for word, it will mean “for if the flies”. But in Colombian slang, it means “just in case”.
¡Qué pereza! What a bummer! Literally translates to “laziness”. However, it can be an expression if you don’t feel like doing something.
No dar papaya Be careful To elaborate, this Colombian phrase is a warning that means to not put yourself in compromising situations where someone can take advantage of you.
A la orden May I help you? A polite expression commonly used by waiters or staff when shopping or eating outside.
Chévere Cool! Another expression of something great!
¡De Una! Absolutely! A cheery way of saying yes.
Hazme el favor… Do me a favor… Most Colombians pride themselves on good manners. You can use this phrase when trying to buy or acquire a service from someone.

Can’t Speak Spanish? Le Cubrimos!

Or in English, we got you covered!

Learning the language is common advice, especially on dating topics such as how to not be nervous on a date with a Latin woman. But, don’t you worry because here in Medellin Singles, you can still connect with the lovely Medellin, Colombia women even without having to speak a Spanish word.

You don’t have to learn the language that is spoken in Colombia. We have friendly and approachable translators on standby during our singles tours and excursions that are more than willing to convey your message to as many Medellin women as you can meet during our activities.

Our goal is to give you the magical and beautiful night that you expect in Medellin, despite the language differences.

“When you step into the zone of love, language as we know it becomes obsolete. That which cannot be put into words can only be grasped through silence.”

— Shams Tabrizi

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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