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Craigslist vs. Medellin Singles | Single Ladies in Medellin Seeking Foreign Men

In Medellin, Colombia, the most popular dating sites are Craigslist and Medellin Singles. In spite of the fact that both sites have a common goal in helping men and women connect with each other, Craigslist is a complete contrast from our site.

What Is Craigslist?


Craigslist is an online advertising company in the U.S. founded by Craig Newmark. It caters to several sections including sales, side gigs, housing, jobs, even friends, and so on.

One of its most visited sections is its online personals. It is where single men and women can meet and communicate with each other for dating.

Many couples have met each other through the website and while some have positive experiences to share about, it’s undeniable that there are also many users who have negative comments and experiences.

Unfortunately, these negative experiences were not addressed by Craigslist itself, which have made the site’s ratings drop all-time low.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Random Personals

If you have used Craigslist or if you try to check on their website, it’s quick for you to notice that their personal section doesn’t have any company name. The post of the singles who wish to meet and date other singles doesn’t hold any hosting company.

Thus, anyone can be who they want to say they are. And if something goes wrong, no one can be held accountable because you wouldn’t be able to tell who it really is. At the same time, Craigslist does not take responsibility for the actions of its users.

Unverified Profiles

One of the factors why Craigslist has a lot of negative incidents is due to the fact that all the members on their website are not verified. Meaning any member can pretend to be whoever they want to be.

That itself is very dangerous. If ever you were scammed or worse, you wouldn’t be able to trace who’s who.

While most dating scams on Craigslist are hard to notice, be always careful when providing your personal information.

For example, you may see a personal ad that you’re interested in and you may think that you’re being redirected to a verification page. This ad is phishing for sensitive information. With this, one can easily be a victim of identity theft.

Unsecured Meet-ups

Since profiles are not verified, meeting someone you met on Craigslist is very risky. You can either get robbed, wrongly accused or killed.

You can try to research on romance scammer stories about Craigslist, and you’ll be able to see a lot of reports about it.

Yes, Craigslist is convenient but we can never really be certain about our safety. In fact, be very wary wherever you are on the internet. Make sure you do your research on any website you plan on being part of.

What Is

Medellin Singles Logo is one of the very first matchmaking services in the industry. It’s not only the largest but also the most reputable in the world. Also, this company is one of the best marriage agencies in Medellin.

The website generally highlights the stunning single Latinas in Medellin, who are genuinely looking for a serious relationship with foreign men. Also, this company not only offers you the best matchmaker but also gives you the chance to travel in Medellin while dating the woman of your dreams!

Our company is committed to breaking the geographical barriers for any man or woman wanting to look for their missing piece halfway around the world.

Here are the reasons why a lot of Medellin singles prefer to use our site:

Presence of a Host Company

Here at, you can be certain that we hold our own company name in the industry. The presence of our company name assures safety to all our clients who desire to look for their match even if that’s overseas.

Also, information about our site is fully provided and can easily be found on each web page

Lastly, the company also offers Singles Vacation if you wish to meet and date the woman you fancy. With this, you can be assured that there is no room for scams or fraud.

Profiles and Accounts Are Verified

Women in were personally interviewed and verified by our staff. Thus, it’s guaranteed that all the information provided on the site are correct and authentic.

Also, Medellin women’s pictures mirror the same women you will be meeting during our Singles Vacation. No fake identities here. You can expect that your experience will be greater than ever.

Meet-ups Are Secured and Monitored

Aside from the tour services, we also offer tour packages which include your accommodation and social events.

The social event serves as a meeting ground for our clients and personals. If ever there’s a language barrier, our staff will be your medium in communicating with the personals. Also, our staff will help you every step of the way so it’s completely hassle-free on your part

On a different note, safety is our main priority so don’t worry about your security, we’ve got that covered.

Lastly, getting to know the singles in Medellin will only be possible if you sign up here for free.

There you have it, those are the biggest differences between the two sites. Don’t miss the chance to actually meet Latinas in Medellin through the safest way.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 25 January, 2023 - Tuesday, 31 January, 2023
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